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Ouija ouija
Come and play
Ouija Ouija
Here what spirits say
Ouija Ouija
The devil’s at work
Ouija Ouija
Better stay alert
For the spirits are those often not at rest
The spirits are those are a obsessed
With messing with your mind and messing with your head
When you use the Ouija your messing with the dead.
Ouija ouija
Angels and devils
Ouija Ouija
There are different levels
Not just life and not just death
but those in pain and cannot rest.
Ouija ouija
As there is good and bad in life
Ouija ouija
So there is in death
Ouija Ouija
Don’t Mess with dead
Ouija Ouija
Something best left.

Girls and boys come out today
Play the Ouija and it will mess with your brain.

In need of relief


She had waited for this moment with such trepidation
Ready for this was a feeling of total elation
She felt him move closer and open her wide
Felt his tool enter felt him inside
Her chest rising and falling
She could barely breath as he worked on her so skillfully
and as he was reaching the end
she felt now the relief was in sight
And dared to look him straight In the eyes
This man she trusted to bring her relief had done so so well and with comparative ease.
She now felt so foolish
Why had she left it so long
She would she him more often from now on.
She smiled and said thank you I really needed that
He said it’s all part of the service and I hope that you had a better experience than you expected or thought that could be believed
From the wonders of modern dentistry.



Loss of loved ones
cause us much grief
Like our hearts are ripped out
And we want to scream and shout
But unable to do this
For we feel the weight on our chest
The weight of the loss
Like it taking away all our breath
But if you ask me for advice
I can only suggest
Do no more than to focus on nothing else
Except breathing,
in out in each moment,
And nothing more
nothing less
Let go of all else
And in time the great healer will put your grief to rest.

Duality of love and loss


To love is to feel the joy of life
To lose love is to feel stressed and strife
To feel affection is to feel warm inside
To lose affection feels cold like a piece of you died
To connect with love is to feel one with all life
To lose the connection is to feel alone with no reason why.
Two sides of life and love so diverse
Feeling loved or feeling hurt
Feeling blessed or feeling cursed
To live life like this is so absurd
In love or not you are still you
Amazing and perfect this is the truth
When love is lost there are lessons to be learnt
When grounded in love there is still much to learn
Like avoiding attachment and smothering your love
Or being to distant they don’t know you enough.
Understand this truth if nothing else whether in love or not you should retain the real you.
For your self love is the greatest love of all
So keep this in your heart and store it in your soul and hold you head high and always stand tall.

Born to bond


We were created to form bonds to become entangled with each other and to connect in love and oneness. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others don’t miss the opportunity to share this state of being for when we do this we light up this life this world and this universe a little more.



Take a moment
Just stop
In a mindful moment
Let the world and time stop
See the beauty all around you
See the life you can choose
One of freedom and amazing life
Filled with happiness
And being kind
Step out of the madness
Step out of time
See the beauty in yourself
See how you are a divine
Being that is awesome
Perfect in every way
So transcend this life
And be the best that you can be
And spread wings and fly
Because you deserve to be free.