Ouija ouija Come and play Ouija Ouija Here what spirits say Ouija Ouija The devil’s at work Ouija Ouija Better stay alert For the spirits are those often not at rest The spirits are those are a obsessed With messing with your mind and messing with your head When you use the Ouija your messingContinue reading “Ouija”

In need of relief

She had waited for this moment with such trepidation Ready for this was a feeling of total elation She felt him move closer and open her wide Felt his tool enter felt him inside Her chest rising and falling She could barely breath as he worked on her so skillfully and as he was reachingContinue reading “In need of relief”


Loss of loved ones cause us much grief Like our hearts are ripped out And we want to scream and shout But unable to do this For we feel the weight on our chest The weight of the loss Like it taking away all our breath But if you ask me for advice I canContinue reading “Breathing”

Duality of love and loss

To love is to feel the joy of life To lose love is to feel stressed and strife To feel affection is to feel warm inside To lose affection feels cold like a piece of you died To connect with love is to feel one with all life To lose the connection is to feelContinue reading “Duality of love and loss”

Born to bond

We were created to form bonds to become entangled with each other and to connect in love and oneness. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others don’t miss the opportunity to share this state of being for when we do this we light up this life this world and this universe a little more.


Take a moment Just stop In a mindful moment Let the world and time stop See the beauty all around you See the life you can choose One of freedom and amazing life Filled with happiness And being kind Step out of the madness Step out of time See the beauty in yourself See howContinue reading “Stop”

What are you looking at

Look in the mirror what do you see A reflection of you because you can not see The 50 trillion cells that form the energy That’s what i see staring back at me Created to love and live in peace Created to be happy and to live wild and free Shining so bright like theContinue reading “What are you looking at”


Words matter.

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