Monthly Archives: Apr 2016

What are you looking at


Look in the mirror what do you see
A reflection of you because you can not see
The 50 trillion cells that form the energy
That’s what i see staring back at me
Created to love and live in peace
Created to be happy and to live wild and free
Shining so bright like the stars from whence we came
Living in balance on higher plain
Connected to harmonics and frequencies
Understanding how vibrations of this earth flow through me
Connected to the matrix body and soul
We are ancient beings wise and old
Creating our universe through the conscious mind
A reality of which humanity is blind
They just stagger about in this illusory stream
Waiting to awaken from this dream
But some never will and miss the beauty of life
Preferring to live a life of pain and strife
but we know better because we know love
Because as energy we are connected to what created us.

Rise up.


Rise up and claim back your life
Rise up and do what you know is right
Rise up and refuse to be pawns
Rise up and say fight war not wars
Rise up and make love not war
Rise and say we don’t want your fucking wars
Rise up for love
Rise up for peace
Rise up as one
Rise up for peace love and harmony
Rise up and unite as one
Rise up because we are done with being held down
Rise up,rise up against oppression.
Rise up, rise up, rise up.

Ode to life


We wake up every morning
With aches and pains of age
We drag ourselves through breakfast time and then we set the stage
We go to work like sheep
And we work away our days
For the profits of the rich
We become subducated slaves.

We are told it is the way of things
It’s how it’s always be done
Written in all the books
Like Orwell Animals Farm
Because we’re subducated
because we are oppressed
We do not question anything
And consider ourselves blessed.

We drag ourselves back home from work
After giving all we can
Denied a right to live a life
In the service of the man.

Suffer little children


Suffer little children to come under me
The poor and the innocent being forced to flee
Warmongers, terrorists,governments to blame
These are the people who should hang their heads in shame.
Same old disgusting politics that make me feel sick
Time for us to fight back against these sadist pricks.
Brutality and war designed by psychopathic types
Who don’t really care what is wrong or what is right
It’s all about their ego and their lust for death
Depriving innocent people of their right to breath.
So it’s time to start reacting time for fighting back
Time to give these murderers something to think about
A backlash from the people time to March and sing and shout
Taking to the streets no matter what colour,class or creed
And finally bring these killers down and force them to their knees.