Monthly Archives: May 2016



I want to write about beauty and love.
But there is to much pain and hurt.
It cannot simply be ignored
It must be highlighted more and more
So that we can as a humanity feel the shame in it
Enough I hope to want to change it
So many are ready for the paradigm shift
But there are also to many ignorant of this.
Dehumanised and desensitised
We have to help them find the love inside.
Breakdown their cynical views
Show them how they will always lose
In a free market materialistic life
This Neo liberal facistic shite
That only care about power and greed
We need new political philosophies.
If we hope to change the world
We need to start with ourselves
Become better than we are
And could ever imagine
For love should be our drive along with compassion.

Find the beauty in life


I see the beauty in humanity
In all it’s creativity
I see so much love and compassion
And the amazing benevolence
But it’s sadly shown by the few and not by the many
To me it doesn’t make any sense.
I see happy smiling faces of children
Families sharing special time
I see what we all can achieve
A wonderful world and lifetime.

But I also see the cruelty
The western imposed slavery
On poorer people it exploits
Inhumanity to it’s fellow man is not
A work of art or of beauty
It’s obscene have you seen the futility
Of those people forced into this life
Nothing about it could be described as nice.
I have seen the horrors of women and children dead
In bombed out buildings
No sign of breathe
I have seen the anguish on their faces
Caught in the moment of their death.
The same happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What a nightmare history
How can a race that create such beauty
Also inflict so much cruelty
German on Jew it’s nothing new
Gone on through the history
We seem to accrue
More shame through deeds we are willing to commit
Always saying we shall learn from this.
But we learn nothing except new ways to kill
new ways to oppress and benevolence still
Takes a back seat in these woeful times
Isis believe in an eye for an eye
But all this does is leave humanity blind.

I long for the people who are filled with love
And the creative beauty bestowed from creation above
To take a step forward take a step up
Dominate this planet with benevolent stuff
To create more peace more than war
To get people desiring this more and more
To get people to share and to care
Put and end to slavery I dare.
To rise and give people the option of love
And alternative lifestyle
Spiritual enough to make them understand to want not to much
But just what we need
Then we can all trust in the belief that there is enough to go round
Where everyone’s equal
This philosophy is sound
But there are people out there invested in greed
Longing for power
Who will stop us being free
And tell us this is all a utopian dream
For the minority and for the weak.
But we know that’s not true
So let’s make a stand
Let’s all share the love
And all just join hands
As one humanity as one race
Let’s put the benevolence backing this place.



Music is my soul blood
the rhythm of my heart
resides within my soul
and keeps me forever young.
It crosses all the genres
like punk and EDM
i love the sound of drum beats
rapping as well club raving with frantic scences.
It stirs the very passions
deep with inside of me
my feet and hands always tapping
to the sounds of fresh new beats.
From classical to pop
from swing blues and nu metal rock
you will see listening
because with music I am hooked.
Reminds of those people lost
and events of pain and pleasure
I listen to it constantly
at work or at my leisure.
there is always a tune
going through my head
from grunge to grime
to anything that makes me want to smile.
I am not sure what life would be like
if music did not exist
it shows the creativity
in personifies the human spirit.
If music did not exist at all
this life would be dull for sure
its a great communication link
that flows from shore to shore
brings people of all cultures races colors creed
together and united as one humanity
it crosses all the barriers of language
for it has it’s own speech
and this you know is true my friend
when you tune in and connect to the beat.
So live your life with music
as I have always done
live your life to the rifts
and to the beating of the drums.