Find the beauty in life

I see the beauty in humanity In all it’s creativity I see so much love and compassion And the amazing benevolence But it’s sadly shown by the few and not by the many To me it doesn’t make any sense. I see happy smiling faces of children Families sharing special time I see what weContinue reading “Find the beauty in life”


Music is my soul blood the rhythm of my heart resides within my soul and keeps me forever young. It crosses all the genres like punk and EDM i love the sound of drum beats rapping as well club raving with frantic scences. It stirs the very passions deep with inside of me my feetContinue reading “Music”

New order

I often wonder why is that we tolerate living in a society so full of materialism, jealousy, xenophobia and indifference. We see refugees fleeing for their lives from wars that we created and then left behind the mess. We watch on the TV as these people, in despair take to boats in a desperate attemptContinue reading “New order”

Kiss me

Feel the breathe upon the face feel the lips close, desire the taste eyes meet eyes, windows to the soul body heat keeping out the cold. Feel the first touch, that first embrace skin on skin, increased heart rate, breathing starting to increase magical moments of feelings like these. That moment of the first realContinue reading “Kiss me”


A place of peace a place of calm A place to Heal from all the harm A place of being A place of now A place to dwell where your allowed to regroup your thoughts collect your mind a place for meditation time A place to shut out all the noise. Solitude can be aContinue reading “Solitude”

Universal plan

I know the feeling of a broken heart I know how it feels when it’s torn apart I know how it feels to endure that pain To feel you may never love again. But do not let’s this be the consequence Ask yourself does that make sense For them to hurt you in this treacherousContinue reading “Universal plan”

Special one

Be careful who you give your heart Make sure they won’t rip it apart Treat it bad and lack respect For your heart deserves the very best. Be careful who you pledge your soul Ensure they understand it’s pure Full of golden Bliss, divine So benevolent, and refined For your soul shines a light fromContinue reading “Special one”



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