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Safety net


I want to be your safe zone
Your safety net when your alone
I want to be that warm embrace
That makes you feel forever safe
I want to be your comfort zone
The one where all of your love flows
I want to kiss I want to hold
You forever until we get old
For we have ancient golden souls
and this is something we both know
Shared in this life and ever after
Which shines through even the greatest darkness.

Uniqueness is our best trait


Guru’s and teachers spread wisdom and knowledge to those in need of guidance but understand this, it is their experience and their knowledge that they have discovered on their journey. Whilst when wise men speak we would do well to listen. But we should understand that all experience and knowledge we hope to gain should be discovered during our own journey. To allow ourselves to become an imitation of someone else denies us the ability to be authentic, unique and individual. Express the real you that dwells within you. This is the way to find contentment and happiness in life.

Question for today


Few have the clarity to see the truth, fewer still have the courage and the bravery to except and embrace the truth and the many ignore the truth for a life of obedience and servitude. It takes an amazing soul to awaken from the dream state and to live a life of courage and bravery it is easy to keep sleep walking through life. Are you awakened? Or are you sleep walking?

New day


As we greet each new day the only question is will you live it well and make a difference or will you simply just get by. Be the Very Best You Can Each Day.

Slight of hand sees more atrocities


Another atrocity and crime against humanity, another question about who is behind it. Terrorism is nothing new but it has the world gripped in away like never before and gripped with fear. But is it just terrorists alone and can they manage to do what they do alone. The answer is that it is unlikely. The truth is terrorism is just a cog in the chain that is power, control and greed.
Terrorism is funded by governments and corporations and in return funds governments and corporations through the sale of guns and munitions. It also boosts media sales as people rushing to buy papers, tune into the news channels in a desperate attempt to be fed the information they need to decide how they should think and react.
The fact is that terrorism gives governments the excuse and ability through that fear perpetrated by the media to reduce down further our privacy and our human rights and they use patriotism and nationhood to build up the hysterical fervor to ensure compliance. They rely on those who buy into this strategy in the same way as ISIS prey on similar targets To turn them into extremists. The major tactic used by governments is smoke and mirrors and slight of hand. The make it quite obvious what the one hand is doing whilst all the time distracting you from what the left hand is doing, and believe me that’s where the magic or rather the deception is really happening.
The truth is that governments need terrorism, for it instills fear and governments use fear to control and act as if they are the only ones who can keep you and your loved ones safe.
The few men of true power who control the government’s, the banks, the media, the multinational corporations, they know how to use fear, they know how to control. Nothing happens globally unless the agree to it. The sooner we understand this and realise that this is true the sooner we will awaken to the truth.
Who is responsible for the deaths perpetrated in Turkey and all the previous attacks. Well it is the global cabal of power Hungary greedy men using fear and death as their way of controlling peoples minds and beliefs and oppressing them. Those who died are simply expendable pawns in the power play where by all the players are well looked after. False flags are used, roles are acted out and it is only us, the people caught in the middle who are kept from knowing the truth as we are used abused and oppressed before finally in many cases being murdered to reinforce the belief that only those in power can keep you safe.
The reality is it is them and their affiliates that endanger us all, and until we all come together as one humanity and rise up and say no more to these Politricks, say no more to this covert terrorist murder, say no more to having to live in fear. Until we all as human beings stand up and put aside religion, colour, class and gender and say we want a safer, better world based around honesty,love, peace, tolerance, compassion and understanding. Until we all as the pawns in the middle overthrow these power hungry, war mongering, genocidal, psychotic murderers we will always live life in fear. They are few but we are many. Is it not time finally to put an end to this charade and take back the power in the name of the people so that we can put an end to these atrocities.
Until then when the question is asked who is responsible for the atrocities in Turkey, the answer is everyone, for our in action and refusal to see what is clearly in front of you makes you as culpable as them. Wake up people see the truth and demand change or take back the power. Fight wars not wars, make peace not wars. 1234 we don’t want your fucking wars. Love unity and peace to all regardless of gender, colour, belief or class. Governments should fear the people, people should not fear their governments.

Calm after the storm


At times I get passionate and angry
Sometimes I am driven by the social decay I see
I see people in slums and people living on the street
How can this be nothing to do with me.
I see mothers and fathers trying simply to exist
Trying to do the right things by their kids.
I see how people turn to crime out of desperation
People taking drugs to ease the frustration
And yes it may be wrong and it may make matters worse
But you can’t imagine how much pain and hurt
These people have to go through
The lives their forced to live
Feels like everything is going down one big sieve.
So I center my emotions
And I dwell in inner peace
I have this chance and ability
But I know these people don’t
And so it is lucky me
Meanwhile shots ring out and someone’s gonna bleed.
So although I am calmer now
And the storm has passed
I will always fight to the last
For a fairer world for all
Where everyone gets a share
Fighting for this in a world that doesn’t care
My heart for the peoples suffering will always be there
I am not ashamed to say that I care.

Black or white do you really think they care!!!


Watch the media machine
See the games they play.

Watch the political farce
Fighting over the middle way.

Watch the corporations manipulate the power.
See these right wing left wing jokers take us closer to our doomsday hour.

Controlled by the media
Controlled by the state
Controlled by xenophobic hate
Controlled by materialism
Controlled by Greed
Supporting the lifestyle of the social elite.
Fucked by the establishment
Who keep us all oppressed
Ensuring our individuality and creativity’s repressed.

Neo liberal fascist shit
This countries in turmoil because of it.
Capitalism has been tried and failed
Free market bullshit means that we pay
For the financial ruin caused by them
With their inept stock market gambling
Trillions of dollars lost and gone to the wall
Must be repaid by us all
but not by them, no fucking way
They just want the millions in bonus paid

Lifestyles of the rich and fucking bankers
Ask yourself why we are filled with anger

Time for revolution but not through the gun
Take away their money and their power one by one
Strip back the privilege of the one percent
Turn a corrupt society into something decent
Moral decline ripping through society
Is it any wonder when promoted by those who lead.

Nothing is ever going to change
Or ever turn around until we make them cower
We need to take back the power
And recaputure our ground.

Sing songs that unify
Sing song of love
Do away with nationhood
For we are all one
One humanity one race
So let’s all come together turn our backs on hate
Choose anarchy
And decide to be fre
For no matter what your colour is
You family to me.



Many gauge success on fame and fortune. I myself see success as making a difference in each day by trying to be true to myself and to be benevolent and filled with love for all, proud of my children at all times as is true of my grandchildren and all my family. I pity those who just have the shallow trappings of money and fame and the fact that they sold their souls for this in many instances gives a clear indication of why so many of these people end up depressed unhappy and conflicted by their achievements. Success is living, success is experiencing to the full being human, success is in showing love and compassion to all but most of all success is truly knowing your inner self and residing in bliss and grace whilst radiating light on all things in existence. Success is within us us all and fully achievable for those who understand the nature of life.