She surfed on a wave of euphoric trance music, lost in the sound of the beat. She was fluid in motion and personified grace as she danced on the crest of the wave. She was lost in the moment, she was living life large. Enjoying get her life eyes twinkling like stars, she was inContinue reading “Siren”

A life less illusory 

The tragedy that is life is believing all we see as being outside of us rather than within us. Created by our own conscious reality. That illusion our mind creates using light rays and electromagnetic energy that comes at us through the optics of our eyes have this amazing ability to show us beautiful andContinue reading “A life less illusory¬†“

Be heard

Because of the duality that is life we need to learn calmness but also passion, we need to embrace silence but yet be heard. We have to be at peace but also get angry but channelled in a positive way. Never be afraid to express how you truly feel and make your voice heard.

An angry message to those who rule

Fuck the system Fuck the state Fuck all of their violence and hate Fuck their wars their killing fields Fuck them it just don’t appeal. I’d rather live for peace and love Because for me this is enough I want to share this world with you Not leave it those who want to rule AndContinue reading “An angry message to those who rule”

End the the divide

Black or white so what we are all the same Male or female gay or straight we are all the same No matter your religion No matter your belief No matter where you come from Your are the same as me. The only ones who divide us as those that wish to lead The onesContinue reading “End the the divide”


I scream into the darkness I howl at the moon I shout out at the demons But I am like a candle in the wind Isolated and lost in a darkness cold and bleak Feeling small and inconsequential timid mild and meek. But then I looked within myself saw the power and the light AndContinue reading “Darkness”

What are we waiting for

What are we waiting for The signs written on the wall Time for the system to fall Because it’s not working anymore. It’s to preoccupied with violence To preoccupied with war To fixated with power To fixated with greed. So what are we waiting for Someone to open new doors It’s time to kick themContinue reading “What are we waiting for”


it is funny that those of us who have no money learn to get by without it and learn to still be happy but many of those who have money worry about it constantly and work on how to make more leaving them unhappy and unfulfilled. I give blessings to not being able to missContinue reading “Money”


Words matter.

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