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She surfed on a wave of euphoric trance music, lost in the sound of the beat. She was fluid in motion and personified grace as she danced on the crest of the wave. She was lost in the moment, she was living life large. Enjoying get her life eyes twinkling like stars, she was in love with each and every single soul, she is forever young and will never be old. She is beauty and grace, she is the light on a wave illuminating all that darkest of places. She is song, she is dance, she is love and romance, she is the fun, she is joy, she is the one they all want, but she is wild and free none can cage her you see for she is the ancient soul of the siren who comes from the sea.

A life less illusory 


The tragedy that is life is believing all we see as being outside of us rather than within us. Created by our own conscious reality. That illusion our mind creates using light rays and electromagnetic energy that comes at us through the optics of our eyes have this amazing ability to show us beautiful and awesome things. However as a result of focusing on the illusion we miss the opportunity to connect with the higher frequencies and vibrations around us. Much like finding ourselves floating in the most amazing oceans we get mesmerised by the beauty of the fish that swim around us and are held in place by the spectacular array of colours perceived by the coral reefs. However in doing this we miss the fact that just above our heads are currents and jet streams that if we could just connect to would transcend us to amazing new possibilities. This is true of our reality. If we learn to connect to the higher frequencies and vibrations around us we could find ourselves transported to new possibilities, new parallel dimensions, new world’s, new and different realities that will make all we witness now as ordinary in comparison. This transcended enlightened state will show us the flaws and ignorance in the belief of time, space and the universe.  That just like the external illusion we perceive, time, space and the universe much like our knowledge that we have been spoon fed and chosen to believe is also illusory. When we separate from the illusory and connect to the truth of everything within Then life becomes a truly spectacular place to be. Travelling parallel dimensional and new realities, universes and works in a heart beat. All through our conscious mind our conscious reality.

Be heard


Because of the duality that is life we need to learn calmness but also passion, we need to embrace silence but yet be heard. We have to be at peace but also get angry but channelled in a positive way. Never be afraid to express how you truly feel and make your voice heard.

An angry message to those who rule


Fuck the system

Fuck the state

Fuck all of their violence and hate

Fuck their wars their killing fields

Fuck them it just don’t appeal.

I’d rather live for peace and love

Because for me this is enough

I want to share this world with you

Not leave it those who want to rule

And destroy and fuck our whole world up

As they simply run a muck 

Destroying our environment 

In the name of government

Fuck these games once and for all

I have one message to those who rule

Fuck your system 

Fuck your hate

Fuck your power and greed ok

Because I want so much more from life

Living it good

Living it right

Recognising the preciousness of life.

End the the divide


Black or white so what we are all the same

Male or female gay or straight we are all the same

No matter your religion

No matter your belief

No matter where you come from

Your are the same as me.

The only ones who divide us as those that wish to lead

The ones who want control over you and me.

They use there army called the police force to keep us all in line

These people are taught to use force all of the time.

We must learn to refuse division

Learn to accept that we all are one

Because when we learn to do this 

We will be truly strong.

To strong for their rule of force and law

To strong for them to control

To strong for them to manipulate us and make us sing their songs.

For we will sing our own ones

Songs of love and peace

Songs of such benevolence and compassionate beliefs.

And we will be United regardless of colour, race and belief

For their will only be one us

And not just you and me.