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Unconventional I guess


I let her love others and found benefits in that. A choice I made for I lacked, the ability to physically love her myself, and I was happy enough to dwell in my spiritual bliss I had found that was sexualised unbound. I won’t get jealous or upset, and she gets what she needs the best. I know that I just don’t give her what she needs so I just want he to be pleased. To see a smile at last on her face, because we discovered a happy place, where everybody’s needs are met with no jealousy or regret.

Too much drama 


To much drama all the time, reverberating in my mind, thoughts of whatever body else say they do, do what you can to appease. Then ask for something you need done, too much trouble for anyone, so you do it yourself or go without, don’t question why they could not help for they will agree, scream and shout. When your in the wrong see shouting works fine, get aggressive assault their mind, then they won’t question you again. That’s the way they play the game. Intimidation and aggressive hate, offensive and profane language devised to break any idea that you may have had in questioning further, you’ve just been had. So I just walk away, avoid them in every kind of way, because i don’t want to be a part of their yule I shall leave them to their own karma.



Complicate your life for what

To be duplicitous then face the cost

Of destroying everything you have

Comes across as kind of sad.

Does this stem from insecurities

Or because you are over inflated egotistically

Either way you lack self love

Feeling that you are not good enough

Trying to prove to everyone else

That your something so special

But in fact you are not at all

In fact you come across as small.

Small in mind and morality

Small in all that you believe

That it’s OK to be duplicitous like that

Going behind everybody else’s back.

Letting down loved ones

And causing pain

Time and time

Over again

A breach of trust and integrity

End up as someone, no one believes

No intention to be harsh


there are times I would gladly offer someone the opportunity to walk a mile in my shoes. Let them try dealing with the stuff that life has thrown at myself and my family and yet some how stay as positive and as happy and loving as I am. I say this only as a measure to others who may try to judge me, not that it matters lol. Strength comes from within as do all things. Sometimes you just have to get back up and get on with it. Grieve as much as you need, cry as much as you need, feel the self pity for as long as required but then get strong get tough and get on with it. Tough yes, harsh maybe but what is the alternative? give up? lay down and never get back up? that achieves precisely what? I say this not to offend or to be cruel. I say this out of love because we must all learn to endure for we have been given the miracle of life where others lost out. We have a duty to make the most of it. Namaste Peace Love and compassion.



What makes you define people by colour

What makes you think colour defines social positions

What makes you think the colour of a persons skin matters at all

What makes you think colour makes you superior to rule.

What makes you xenophobic, racist, discriminators 

What makes you judge people based on the pigment of their skin

What makes you so small minded and Fearful of them

What makes you call people immigrants and illegal aliens.

What makes you think the divides and borders many anything at all

What makes you thinks anthems and flags define who rules

What makes you think that you can oppress

What makes you think that they are second best.

You were not born that way

You were programmed this way by parents and society

By the media, newspapers and TV.

Why can you now not see the error of your ways

Why can you now not see others shaped all your beliefs

Why can you not see we are from the one source the same seed

Why can’t we live like brothers and sisters like one big family 

Unified as one race

One human race

Where we don’t judge each other by the colour of the face.
Love, peace, tolerance  and unity to you all.

The light of love


​know that love is the very essence of who you are. Don’t hold on to grudges or bad feelings towards those who upset you. We are all flawed and imperfect. Judge not others lest we judge ourselves. We are all from one seed that sprung forth from one creator. We are all sisters and brothers. Unite as one, transcend life as we know it now and rejoice in the spirit of love compassion and peace.

Namaste my family may you all be blessed and bathed in the universal light of grace and divinity.

I’ve had my fill


People believe me it’s not a matter of brains

That continuing war, murder, hate, greed is just insane.

Have we seriously not had our fill

Of seeing armies and terrorists kill.

Us in the middle

Yes the inoccent ones

Paying the price in the name of Politricks and religion.

Ghandi  once said and it’s true

‘An eye for an eye will see the whole world blind’.

Mother Teresa helped the sick and the poor

Devoted no time to hatred and war.

These two people are saints now rightly so as seen by the world

True role models for all young boys and girls.

Devote your life to love, compassion and peace

And remember to question everything,

That you have been programmed to believe

And those indoctrinated beliefs.

Question your very existence in life

Question everything 

ask is it wrong or right.

Once you have done this then fight to unite

The whole of humanity black and white

Break down the divides.

We do this by being the change in ourselves

Then we will see a change in this world

Reject anything that does not fit in, 

to this new order and age of living

Where everyone is not in for them selves

But helps share and distribute wealth

Where everyone gets a good fair education

Where we discount anthems flags borders and living in nations

But where we all live on earth as one entity

Finally working together

Finally free.

Prospering and transcending through love

To a higher state of living

Where having enough

Is all we need,

No more greed,

And we all get to choose what we want to believe,

And no one shows you hate or malice for this

But respects your right to live like this. 

Utopian dream, maybe it’s true

Rose tinted glasses they say is my view,

Well everything always starts with a dream

So let’s dream big and start changing

The world in which we all live

Down with war and hate

And more power to love and peace.

Shattered heart


Her heart shattered into a million shards when he decided she was not enough for for what he wanted. Truth was she was more than he deserved and one day when she was healed he would be the same selfish egotistical breaker of hearts looking for something he could never find because he did not know that he had forsaken the best, in search of the elusive love that did not exist for someone lacking in self love. She though would find better than him.