Unconventional I guess

I let her love others and found benefits in that. A choice I made for I lacked, the ability to physically love her myself, and I was happy enough to dwell in my spiritual bliss I had found that was sexualised unbound. I won’t get jealous or upset, and she gets what she needs theContinue reading “Unconventional I guess”

Too much drama 

To much drama all the time, reverberating in my mind, thoughts of whatever body else say they do, do what you can to appease. Then ask for something you need done, too much trouble for anyone, so you do it yourself or go without, don’t question why they could not help for they will agree,Continue reading “Too much drama “


Complicate your life for what To be duplicitous then face the cost Of destroying everything you have Comes across as kind of sad. Does this stem from insecurities Or because you are over inflated egotistically Either way you lack self love Feeling that you are not good enough Trying to prove to everyone else ThatContinue reading “Complicated “

No intention to be harsh

​there are times I would gladly offer someone the opportunity to walk a mile in my shoes. Let them try dealing with the stuff that life has thrown at myself and my family and yet some how stay as positive and as happy and loving as I am. I say this only as a measureContinue reading “No intention to be harsh”


What makes you define people by colour What makes you think colour defines social positions What makes you think the colour of a persons skin matters at all What makes you think colour makes you superior to rule. What makes you xenophobic, racist, discriminators  What makes you judge people based on the pigment of theirContinue reading “Unify”

The light of love

​know that love is the very essence of who you are. Don’t hold on to grudges or bad feelings towards those who upset you. We are all flawed and imperfect. Judge not others lest we judge ourselves. We are all from one seed that sprung forth from one creator. We are all sisters and brothers.Continue reading “The light of love”

I’ve had my fill

People believe me it’s not a matter of brains That continuing war, murder, hate, greed is just insane. Have we seriously not had our fill Of seeing armies and terrorists kill. Us in the middle Yes the inoccent ones Paying the price in the name of Politricks and religion. Ghandi  once said and it’s trueContinue reading “I’ve had my fill”

Shattered heart

Her heart shattered into a million shards when he decided she was not enough for for what he wanted. Truth was she was more than he deserved and one day when she was healed he would be the same selfish egotistical breaker of hearts looking for something he could never find because he did notContinue reading “Shattered heart”

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