Monthly Archives: Sep 2016

Touch it


A touch of compassion can heal the world

A touch of tolerance can bring peace to the world

A touch of humanity can bring sanity to the world

A touch of love can bring the whole world together 

A touch of peace can unite the world

These touches are something this world needs

To bring about change

And a paradigm shift. 

Religious wars


Religious wars 

Wasting lives

Causing innocent people to die,

Religious wars 

So full of hate

Promising some kind of altered state,

Full of promise and righteousness 

But built on violence and mindless death.

Religious wars

Religious crimes

Leads to thousands of people dying.

Religious wars

Totally false

There is nothing religious in them of course,

Religious people can’t hate and kill

Religious people find no thrill,

In carrying out atrocities 

Religious wars

Are just killing you and me.

Religious wars

Used to gain power

Religious wars

Is our doomsday hour

Religious wars

No way to die

Religious wars

Are built on heinous lies.

Barbed wire love


Their love was one of barbed wire

Tangled up in steel and spikes,

Each move they made tore at their flesh

Excruciating in every step.

They bound themselves in this painful love

Thinking they wanted each other oh so much,

But their love tore and ripped at their flesh

And left them with wounds and bloody mess.

Blind to the pain they inflicted on each other

Clinging together two desperate lovers

Yet inflicting these wounds on each other,

Creating the barbed wire and ensuring it covers

Both of their bodies heart and soul,

It opened up wounds new and old

Covered in scar tissue they would not be told,

Their love was a painful one ancient and old.

So many people have lived and loved this way

Putting themselves through immeasurable pain,

Believing this love to be pure and true

It’s the kind of love that deluded. 

It is about two people who are not meant to be,

Ignorant of what everybody else sees

Together they combine more out of defiance,

They then build up attachment and a  unhealthy reliance.

But there is bitterness and hate that brews underneath

And causes so much anger and grief

That they create this barbed wire,

And tear each other apart

In birth and in death

From death do us part.

Being spiritual


being spiritual is not about words but about deeds and actions. It is a state of being a state of love, kindness and compassion for all things that exist. Spirituality is about being connected to the source of all creation through your consciousness.

Where do I belong


I ask myself where I fit in in life,

then realised I don’t fit in,

I am not supposed to fit in.

Maybe I am meant to be different

maybe standing out is my mission.

But then I wonder

maybe even though I don’t fit in

maybe I don’t stand out,

maybe I am not seen at all

maybe I am irrelevant.

Then I realise

these worries and fears are irrelevant,

for just existing is a miracle.

That just being is enough

and how I or others perceive me  is inconsequential,

it is how you live that matters

it’s what you do that counts.

Show Love

show compassion

be at peace within

and be kind to yourself and all things.

Sing your own songs

dance in the rain

don’t be afraid to live.

Life is an experience

experience it to the full

and be happy in all you do.

Let everything else take care of it’s self.



Impeccable in word and deed

Impeccable in beliefs we seed.

Impeccable is how seeds will grow

Impeccable below the soil they grow.

Impeccable is the blooms that flowers

Impeccable we cherish the power.

Impeccable is how life grows

Impeccable is creation’s flow.

Impeccable is all existence.

Impeccable is resistant to war and hate that destroys

Impeccable is how we employ

Impeccable love and peace to bring about change

Impeccable can then be the human race.

Give thanks


I write to let creativity out

I write so that I may shout aloud,

A message of peace, love and compassion 

Coming from my soul just not as a fashion.

I write in hope of  frienship and connection 

 to like minded souls travelling in the same direction,

Of righteousness and equality

And aspiring to see our race connect in unity.

I write to show that we can all be one

Regardless of politics and religion.

That not even colour or nationality or even sexuality

Can stop us befriending and being happy.

Sharing and caring views and thoughts

Sharing experiences we have all been taught,

Through writing we  become family

Regardless of all and any beliefs.

So I thank you all for sharing your heart

I thank you all for playing a part

In showing no matter our colour or creed 

We can all get along sharing love, compassionately.