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Book of living


Life of books

Books of life

Pages that record our lives,

Make the story so exiting 

Make it so that it’s enticing.

Make it a book of love,

Mare it a book of adventure,

Make it a book all about your learning,

A book that you can be proud of.

Make it a book of happiness

Make it a book of spiritualness.

For this my friend is a book about you.

For this is the story of your life.

Authentic life


We are all beings of creation. It is creation God?  Well God is all things to all men so it is said. Omniscient in fact. However we choose to perceive, that which we regard as the creator, what we do know is that we were given lives to live and free will. Ergo we were given autonomy over how we live in each moment. So why is it people suggest that all living and happiness comes through God the creator. If anything that sounds like an opting out of responsibility and accountability for our actions, of which we are wholly responsible for as to happiness. How we feel and how we live life is down to us completely. negating this is akin to surrendering your life which you were given to live your own way. The test is living it authentically and in your own way but by doing so in a way that is good and right. Yes we will make mistakes, yes we will make bad choices and yes nobody is perfect we are all ultimately flawed. If we were perfect how could we learn, right and wrong, good and bad. So if we understand nothing else we need to realise this, that only one person can live your life and dictate whether it is happy on not and that is you. So live in each moment and don’t buy into the fear, guilt, shame reteric promoted by man made religious ideologies. live your life how you feel you should with love, kindness and compassion in your heart. That is all your god, creator expects of you.

Sun Gazing


Gazing at the sun

living a life of fun,

enjoying the ride,

in the gaze of this beautiful sunshine.

Dancing in the rays

basking and singing away the days,

nothing can spoil this moment,

making an atonement,

to things that now are gone,

and are now in the past.

And this can happen for everyone

when they learn to let things go,

when we learn to forgive ourselves,

for things we may have done

please just let it go.

Gazing at the sun

living a life of fun,

enjoying the ride,

in the gaze of this beautiful sunshine.

Life over fear


I won’t be a puppet I won’t be a tool I won’t be made to fear by any of you. You terrorist you media men you grey suited government men. You force your rules on humanity you force your laws on me as you please you make us suffer you make us work to create your wealth you divide nations all over this earth, with your man man anthems borders and flags with your discrimations that make me mad, black /white I don’t care about the colour of  anothers skin for we are one family we are kin. They force us to pay to live on this earth and make it quite clear we are of no worth but I know better as do many others too and it’s about time they started to learn, we have enough of this extremist terrorist shut we have had enough of the neo liberal free market bullshit we have had enough of the media’s Web of lies so let’s rise up and take back life, for this planet is a paradise for us all to enjoy a place where we can truly rejoice, so throw down your hatred throw down the guns start to choose peace and choose to love for the benefits are many and feeling is great when you decide to choose love over hate.

Source: Life over fear



Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines everything we know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

– Albert Einstein

Quote for today


Einstein is quoted as having said that if he had one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.