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The lesson for today


I loved her for she was sex on fire,

I loved her because she took my passion higher,

I loved her because we were twin flames burning like a pyre,

So when she left she took my my heart,

And my desire,

Left me rent asunder,

And real tears I was crying,

It hit me hard like a lightning bolt and crash of thunder.

Now all I can hope for is to get through each moment

And just settle for a life utter pain and torment,

Why can’t I just let go and focus on the future,

And see this painful experience as a lesson,

And her the tutor.

But at the moment it’s to raw to do this,

So I will just hold on until I am through it.

To love or not to love


An open heart is full of warmth but is vulnerable

and it allows as much love in as it gives out.

A closed heart is a barren cold place and guarded

and lets in as little love as it gives out.

The choice of how you choose to live is yours,

live in warmth and light,

or live in cold darkness.

Yes you may get hurt being open but you will heal.

Yes you may never be hurt being closed but you will never know love.

Love is everything and the greatest aspect of being human.

The foundations of happiness


The foundation blocks of a happy life should be built on love and compassion for all and an understanding of tolerance with the fostering of a peaceful heart and nature along with an emphatic soul. These are all traits that we possess within ourselves but that we often leave dormant whilst allowing more negative aspects of ourselves to take over. Be mindful, awaken to these traits and promote the positive affirmations of your being in each moment. Share your love, your light and your benevolence with all things in life.

She said she loved me


She said she loved

but she lied,

and in that moment

a part of my heart died,

how can someone

be so unkind,

but I will get over this

but it will take time,

but I will not let her destroy

my loving heart,

and maybe in the future

someone will play a part,

in showing her the pain I felt

By doing just the same,

to her and leave with the suffering and the pain,

as she did me.

Bloody wars, no reason why


I see bodies in the rubble,

I see images of suffering,

I see the bloodstained children,

who are traumatized,

and I wonder how we don’t seem to realize,

how bad things have got,

how we have settled for our lot,

as victims, to those at the top,

these despots will not stop.

How far do we have go, before

we say we have had enough of war,

started by the few,

to cause suffering on the many,

let’s start a revolution,

and put an end to all the wars.

Religious wars, political wars,

wars for oil, what the hell for,

they are not even for a good causes,

these wars that are fought,

solve nothing at all,

and what is ever achieved by war,

we all are fooled.

A few bad men, replaced by similar,

a corrupt system falls,

and then rises once again,

same things keep going round,

only the faces change,

it is not surprising,

it is not even strange.

Because war keeps the arms dealers rich,

and they are the only one who profit from it,

they sit in ivory towers selling

arms of death and destruction,

working on plans to plot reconstruction,

of the political and monetary

map of this world

but in the end it will be them with

their flag unfurled,

for these people don’t crave power

through the ballot box,

they achieve it through extreme wealth

they monopolize the lot.

They are the 1% they own everything,

and with their extreme wealth ,

it is easy corrupting,

those who seek to join their club,

by starting bloody wars,

that are not designed to benefit us,

it’s all about their cause,

of enriching the wealthy,

and getting the rewards,

meanwhile the innocent die for no good cause,

they were brainwashed into fighting,

by those in power,

these murderous callous people,

and their doomsday hours.

The taste of love


When the taste of someones love,

has you hungry for so much more,

then you know that this is more than lust,

and you open up new doors,

into make a connection

full of light and full of love,

a connection that has been forged,

by divine creation above.

You want me for one thing


I crave your light

you give me darkness.

I yearn for your love

you give me sadness.

I desire your soul

you are cold to me.

You want my sex,

go find someone else to use,

I deserve better than that.



When others treat you mean and try to dim your light,

do not allow this to effect your mood or being,

for you are an amazing unique part of creation,

and as such only you can dim your light.

When you were created

you became a part of the miracle that is life

filled with love.

Those who treat you mean wallow in the darkness

of their own self despite.

Twin flame


Shall I tell you how euphoric my heart was when we met,

shall I tell you of how my soul shone with so much light,

Shall I tell you how my days were filled with smiles,

Since I met you.

No because I can see by your eyes, that you feel the same way

Twin flame I am in love with you.