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Closer to midnight At the end of the year


As we get closer to midnight 

At the end of the year,

Another gone by

And little to cheer.

As we get closer to midnight

At the end of the year,

Can we hope for a new one

Without having to live in fear,

Without war, without hatred,

Instead a world living in peace,

Embracing the love

And discovering,

That if we demand more,

From those who make the rules,

We can stop them from using 

Us all like tools.

The tools of their destruction

Which help make them rich,

A world where they don’t ever want,

Any hope of peace.

So as we get closer to midnight

At the end of the year,

May you all choose a future 

Without any tears.



Sat in room

One chair, one table,

Focused on meditation.

Demons appear

From beneath the table,

Angel’s appear 

from beneath the chair,

Me in the middle

Still Meditating.

Demons roar,

Angel’s sing,

Demons try to bring dark,

Angel’s bring the light.

Like my life

The battleground is set,

A battle of wills

No weapons,

Just demonic fear

And angelic faith,

Who wins

Is down to me,

Do I go to fear and darkness?

Do I go for faith and light?

I am thrown into the air,

As the table fly’s across the room,

And the chair fly’s to the door handle,

We are not leaving until settled.

Who triumphs is up to me,

Like life and all our choices made.

Let the battle begin.

Sad man life


Sad is the man with only hatred in his heart,

Sad is the man who craves simply money, sex and power,

Sad is the man knowing that is all he has,

When we have love, light and peace

To keep us warm at night 

And he is cold, 

Due to a closed heart,

And being depraved

And of all the things he cherishes 

He can’t take,

To his grave his final resting place,

While we will transcend 

To an enlightened state of grace,

That is where we’ll end

In our final resting place.


Breaking out


Clambering up,

Whilst being pulled back down,

By Grasping hands of the crowd

As you start to stand out,

Sweaty, dirty, greasy hands

Trying to get a grip,

Hoping they will pull you down

Or maybe you will slip.

Word up peeps, 

I am breaking out

And i am never coming back down,

So take one last look 

My backside is the last you’ll see of me.

All time high


When you give more

And start taking less,

When you believe 

In a state of forgiveness,

When you embrace love

And peace into your life ,

Then you will reach that point 

Where you at an all time high,

So live your life,

To the fullness of your dreams,

Just live your life,

In a hope that you will reach,

And see the light of creation

That is so divine,

So live your life,

Keeping kindness in your heart,

For all time, 

and live  your life 

In that all time high

Just live your life.

Network connection


Living at higher frequencies tuned in to the vibrations and harmonics of Mother Nature and the universe while connected to our conscious reality gives us a wider awakening to life and helps us to realise the importance of love, kindness, compassion and peace. This will help in transcending from this human being to a higher state of existence.

Shining light


A shining light showing the way

Shining a path through the cosmos,

A shining  light, bouncing off stars

Leading a trail straight to our hearts,

The light of creation is the brightest light

The light of creation lights up the dark.

The light of creation ignites a spark

That can bring us love forever together

As a unified race it shines through the ether.

There are light waves everywhere 

But we just don’t see them

For we do not share,

The nature of the universe

We think ourselves  separate

And that’s our curse.

Blind to the matrix,

Blind to the facts,

That life can be colourful 

Not just black.

For light and colour

Disperses that dark

And leaves us showered in the sparks,

Of radiant emotional purest love,

And if we can feel it’s essence

Then we can travel so far,

And we can be one with the brightest light 

That shines among the stars,

Then we will be United for eternity.