Closer to midnight At the end of the year

As we get closer to midnight  At the end of the year, Another gone by And little to cheer. As we get closer to midnight At the end of the year, Can we hope for a new one Without having to live in fear, Without war, without hatred, Instead a world living in peace, EmbracingContinue reading “Closer to midnight At the end of the year”


Sat in room One chair, one table, Focused on meditation. Demons appear From beneath the table, Angel’s appear  from beneath the chair, Me in the middle Still Meditating. Demons roar, Angel’s sing, Demons try to bring dark, Angel’s bring the light. Like my life The battleground is set, A battle of wills No weapons, JustContinue reading “Battleground “

Sad man life

Sad is the man with only hatred in his heart, Sad is the man who craves simply money, sex and power, Sad is the man knowing that is all he has, When we have love, light and peace To keep us warm at night  And he is cold,  Due to a closed heart, And beingContinue reading “Sad man life”

Breaking out

Clambering up, Whilst being pulled back down, By Grasping hands of the crowd As you start to stand out, Sweaty, dirty, greasy hands Trying to get a grip, Hoping they will pull you down Or maybe you will slip. Word up peeps,  I am breaking out And i am never coming back down, So takeContinue reading “Breaking out”

All time high

When you give more And start taking less, When you believe  In a state of forgiveness, When you embrace love And peace into your life , Then you will reach that point  Where you at an all time high, So live your life, To the fullness of your dreams, Just live your life, In aContinue reading “All time high”

Network connection

Living at higher frequencies tuned in to the vibrations and harmonics of Mother Nature and the universe while connected to our conscious reality gives us a wider awakening to life and helps us to realise the importance of love, kindness, compassion and peace. This will help in transcending from this human being to a higherContinue reading “Network connection”

Shining light

A shining light showing the way Shining a path through the cosmos, A shining  light, bouncing off stars Leading a trail straight to our hearts, The light of creation is the brightest light The light of creation lights up the dark. The light of creation ignites a spark That can bring us love forever togetherContinue reading “Shining light”

The path of understanding 

I am walking round in a daydream Bright lights ahead of me Trying to find some meaning Looking for a little understanding. I want to leave the darkness behind All the violence, war, hate and crime I want to live a life of love and peace Want to put all that negativity way behind me.Continue reading “The path of understanding “


Words matter.

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