You can do anything you set your mind too

When someone tells you that you can’t achieve something, what they actually mean is they can’t so why would you be able to. They measure you by their own shortcomings and restrict you by judging you by their own failures. You can achieve anything you want to. They just don’t want you too because ofContinue reading “You can do anything you set your mind too”

Don’t give in the earth needs you

Do you ever get the feeling that what you do is not enough. Do you ever feel you are fighting battles you can never win. Do you ever think yourself so worthless that no one really cares. Do you ever feel like screaming but you just don’t dare. If this is how you feel knowContinue reading “Don’t give in the earth needs you”

Time of our lives

Time waits for no man they say, yet time is so subjective when analysed closer. Timei s not on our side they say and time spent idol is time wasted. All of these words are based on thoughts firmly rooted in the illusory world. Time is nothing to someone who takes no heed of itContinue reading “Time of our lives”

Loss of Humanity

When we lose our compassion and our ability to show tolerance to others, then we lose our humanity and our unconditional love that defines us as the divine beings of creation that we are. When we turn our backs on those that need us most then we become the part of the problem and onceContinue reading “Loss of Humanity”

Love, light and consciousness 

Your conscious mind is everything you are, everything you see,hear and taste. It is the very essence of who you are and is creating everything in every moment.  It is writing your story, for you are consciousness and you create the universe. Consciousness is formed from creation and is energy and light That emanates fromContinue reading “Love, light and consciousness¬†“

Fascist agenda

There is a fascist agenda Spreading across the world And if we are not careful Their flags will be unfurled,  In France, In Greece, In America too, just a few of the countries Who are now subjected to fascist rule. There is a fascist agenda Spreading across the world And if we are not carefulContinue reading “Fascist agenda”

Animals have feelings too

There is a total blight  On animal rights So we have to stand and fight  For animal rights, People have forgotten was has gone before, In the name of animal rights, People parading around in fur It’s a crime against animal rights, Cosmetic testing to shimmer and shine No allowance for animal rights, They carryContinue reading “Animals have feelings too”

Extreme thoughts

Extreme thoughts take us down dark avenues, into suffering and hatred, enabling us to carry out acts beyond that which we would normally find acceptable. Extreme thoughts and extreme beliefs lead to extreme acts. In this, all balance is lost and so life becomes unpredictable and often sees the suppression of kindness love and peaceContinue reading “Extreme thoughts”


Words matter.

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