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Love and devotion


We are love and devotion

We are spiritual motion,

We are soulful emotion

We refuse to be broken, 

By life and all it throws at us,

We are not trying to be righteous,

We are just trying to be

The best that we can be,

Just trying to live

Our lives in a semblance of peace,

While filled with love and devotion

We are spiritual motion,

We are soulful emotion

We refuse to be broken,

All we want to do

Is just fine tune,

Into the cosmic

As part of the matrix,

Of the universe

And all its mysteries,

We are just trying to be,

The best that we can be.

We are love and devotion

We are spiritual motion

We are soulful emotion

We refuse to be broken,

We are conscious light,

Sending out waves to awaken,

We are pure energy,

We are vibration,

We are frequencies  

Of creation that just wishes to shine.

We are love and devotion

We are spiritual motion,

We are soulful emotion

We refuse to be broken,

 We are only trying to be,

The best that we can be

We are love and devotion.

Wide open in each moment


My eyes are wide open

My consciousness awakened

My heart is full of love and joy

My soul oozing compassion

My chakra’s are all heightened

And my cerebral cortex on alert

My third eye has seen wondrous things.

If we open up ourselves to all experiences and lessons out there

We could discover things we could never have believed.

This can make life so amazing but remember to question everything

And we can all become attuned to the song the universe often sings.

We know so littleĀ 


How little we know about the past. How little we can explain or perceive about past ancient and lost civilisations. They achieved so much that we cannot adequately explain away. Evidence shows that probably many traveled and exchanged cultures, which we have never known. But as we see by the temples and pyramids of Egypt, Peru and China to name a few that connections and communications were made in ways that are still unknown.Similar hieroglyphs spread all around the globe among Aborigines and Mayans, how could they have known of similar skills of recoding historical events. We think we know so much yet we don’t even know how they built Stonehenge how they managed to lift those stones. How did Egyptians form faces of such perfection, cut into tombs such straight lines that must have been so delicate. Not by hammers no by chisels they are to acute for that, to intricately cut, nothing seems to fit. Maybe there were visitors from another time and space or this people travel from different dimensional states. Images of spacemen and seemingly God like men, Descending down from what it seems is space or heaven. We cannot even guess at what has now gone before but I think it goes well beyond our understanding once more. I think though one day we may just know like how Tibet an monks were preaching, teachings based upon quantum physics centuries before we started believing. This world in which we live right now is cloaked in mystery and shows us how nieve we are about our past history.



You can’t control me, for I am too remote, I keep all my options open I appear in and out of smoke, created by the myths of time, where I travel and I float, on a sublime cloud of meditative spiritual  hope. I like my freedom, love the joy of connecting with the breeze, so you may find it difficult controlling me.

Last thoughts


And if all I have is one last breath I would say to all who hear, that this life has been a great lesson and I would like to thank you all, for participating in this life experience my friends and that I will appreciate you all right up to the end and you will live long in my memories and a tear I am sure will be shed.

Youthful yearnings


I miss those carefree days of youth,

Playing in the park

Home before dark,

Out with my friends,

Seemed like those days would never end.

Back in the day

Golden in every way,

Sunday shone it’s rays

As we were at play,

Laying on the grass

Staring up at the sky,

Allowing all those days,

Like watching the clouds 

We simply let them roll on past,

Wondering what fun it would be, like to be older,

A little more experienced and whole lot bolder

But how times change,

I now crave my lost youth,

Those days of innocence 

Isn’t that the truth,

Coats and jumpers used for goalposts 

As we played footy on the field,

Riding bike like speedway stars

These things had such appeal.

Playing air guitars to all our favourite tunes

Being quite spontaneous

And doing things out of the blue.

Playing knock down ginger

Or maybe hide ‘n’ seek,

Getting covered in mud

And grazing our knees.

These were such fun times

They all seemed endless summer days,

This golden age I miss so much 

Especially the energy, in every kind of way

And the thought that we could be

Anything we wanted, when we was at play

No one could tell us differently,

Nothing could have got in our way,

For we would no be daunted.

We could be like the Lone Ranger, Zorro or Batman

Be a famous footballer that was one of many plans,

Those memories will always stay with me

Just like my hopes and dreams

And I will never lose hope that one day

I will amount to something,

Of some kind of notoriety 

See my name there up in lights,

Even if its just a fantasy

That has long ago, simply taken flight.

Pulse quickens


She was an angel

a beauty to behold,

she had so much class

but also so much soul,

she was amazing

and she took my breath away,

she was the brightest light

on the darkest days,

and she filled my head with images of love,

she filled my vision with a beauty often sought.

She is wonderful to me

she makes my heart skip a beat,

and my pulse will then quicken,

as it races round my veins,

I feel the intensity then thicken

as I start to lose control

and I find that as a whole

what she does to me, is enriching,

for she fills my days with joy and light,

she is a being of pure delight

and I want her with me, day and night

because she completes my whole life,

but i cannot tie her down

for I would not want her to drown

or suffocate, she is better left free.


Via Daily prompt : Quicken