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Rabbit hole Afterlife


Chase the rabbit down the hole

Searching the dark where did it go

Clocks chime and echo around my head

I wonder where the rabbit the went.

I wander caves I did not know

But each one told a story so

The first a place of loathing and fear

That made me question all I hold dear

I quivered and shook in cold sweats

Stared at others wondering will they attack me next

Thought they were talking behind my back

Plotting an evil murderous act.

After what seemed a lifetime I worked my way out

Learnt self belief not self doubt

Learnt to understand fear is not real

And so for released I appealed.

Then onward I looked for the rabbit tracks

Then everything turned black

Followed by subtle red glowing lights

Showing all of the sexual desire

I thought this would appeal to me

But after constant sex and lust that could not be appeased

Just endless mingling of sweaty bodies

And bodily fluids flowing

Red raw sore, and so exhausted

Eviscerated within and soulless

I squirmed my way out of the throbbing

Sobbing pitiful mass and made an appeal at last

Saying morales and balanced desires is OK and burns passions fire

But excessive desire and too much lust

Will surely add up to being messed up

And loveless endless timeless fucks

Can easily get way to much.

I then tried to follow the rabbit once more

I stumbled on a cave of murder and danger running through its core

Souls constantly killing each other but then being revived to do it over.

Endless murder endless death and leaving each other breathless

I ran straight forward towards a light

Where the rabbit stood with fur so white

It stood looking at its watch

You spent many lifetimes in those caves

But now you have the chance to start again.

Be mindful of the thoughts that lead

You back down this hole and back to these caves

For they are places of lost souls who are

To linger here within eternal unlimited timeless depravity.

I learnt the lessons of that I said

They are etched and burnt into my brain

I will not be following you here again

White rabbit smiled and hoped away.

Then in a bright amazing life

I felt the warmth and divine delight

As I screamed and as I cried

I realised I was becoming a new born life.

I was being born again to try and teach

Better and exclaim

That the lessons in learned I held in good stead
But now they would be like me be put to the test.

I went down the rabbit hole

With no expectations
I went there with no soul at all

But now in delight came out with one from the rabbit

This place of peace and eternal rest

To once more face all life tests

And hope I pass hope I  achieve my best.

Their secret


She showed her disdain for him

And argued with him constantly 

Her husband had no idea why she hated his sisters husband so

He always implied she was stuck up 

Argued back constantly. 

Her husband never understood 

Why his brother in law hated his wife so.

Maybe it’s because he did not see them kissing in the kitchen

When alone and ravaging each other so.

Maybe it was because he never saw the txt messages

Obscene, perverse and spoke of the thrill

And desperate for sex.

If her husband knew then maybe he would understand

And argue with them both constantly 

And hate them both but not through sexual tension like them

But because he is so appalled.



Clouds of thunder,

Clouds of rain,

Clouds of light,

Life clouds my life.

Clouds obsure my view

And truth,

Clouds shaped hearts

Say I love you.

Clouds of rain mirror my tears

Clouds of thunder

Reflect my fears,

Clouds of light

Cast shadows down,

Clouds I love to watch

While laying on the ground.

Stop Procrastinating 




No more time for 




No more time for


Life as we know it we can change,

Be heroic learn to be brave,

Save humanity and the planet,

It’s your conscious so expand it,

Incorporate spirituality

And evolve into a new reality,

Disconnecting from illusory 

All that lifestyle just confuses me.

Why would you want to suffer such pain

When there is no visible gain,

This type of existence will drive you insane

It’s not rocket science it’s totally inane.

Be the hero, just be brave,

The spirituality we can cascade,

Love and light resonating in place,

All created by the mind

All achievable over time.

No Passport required


Do I need a passport

to travel to the universe,

to travel among the stars

as I fly on my astral flight.

No borders there

and no passport control,

you can go anywhere,

go with the flow,

it’s only on Earth

that your freedom

is limited,

only on Earth

is your travel

always restricted.

I don’t recall ever being told

in the scriptures,

that people were not free

to travel around this planet

and I don’t recall who decided

that borders were a good idea,

I guess it was the power mongers,

who lived in the past in fear.

I can’t be doing with this stuff,

we should all be one and that’s enough,

one race, no borders,

no anthems or flags to control us,

for among the stars

we could be truly free,

so leave behind this meritocracy,

meditate and come on fly with me,

in the cosmic life,

it’s no more illusory,

than the life we are living now.

I know you have questions,

I know you have doubts

but just fly with me,

and be what you want to be,

fly with me, feel how good it is to be free.

No passport required,

No border checks,

no immigration,

at least not yet,

so just fly with me

and be what you want to be

fly with me, feel how good it is to be free.

Breathing, the only option


Sometimes breathing

Is all we can hope to do,

To get through tough times

And stressful moments,

To deal with the pressures

Of life and love and all that is,

We constantly need to react

To everything ,

in the best way that we can

Just to get through,

Dealing with it as each moment

Goes by

Realising how quickly

Time seems to fly

We seem to be getting nowhere

We are bogged down in life

Struggling to cope with

All the strife

Of modern day living

And constant demands

Like we don’t have enough

In our hands

That we are expected to cope with

Expected to work out

Without any help

Just lost in the crowd

Of people all strung out

And feeling the pain

Of everyday living

In this stressful age

Where everyone expects things

Double quick

We arriving in the fast age

So you better be fit

For the job, for the purpose,

For the menial wage,

For the long hours worked

For the pittance of pay,

So breathe in and breathe out

Is all I would say,

The only important thing to remember

In this time and place.

Illusory terror games






Role play





























My belief



And cosmically,

We are free

Simply to be,

To breathe 

And live in reality,

For we don’t accept

The dogmatic beliefs,

That seek to tie

And bind me,

In religious ideology,

Some subliminal,

Some extreme,

This has nothing 

To do with me,

For I am connected


Through vibrations

And frequencies,

As a part of creation

And omniscient dreams,

I come from the stars

And the energy,

Of light and love

From the divine above,

So my spirituality

Is more than enough.

The failed systems lie


Don’t believes the lies

Don’t buy into a system

That simply binds

Break the chains of obedience 

Reject, refuse be the resistance 

For we all deserve much better than this

Being lied to and treated like sheep 

Expected to follow

Expected to grovel

Feeding from the scraps from the table

Because of the trickle down theory

Expected to work the 9 to 5

Expected to accept the grind

Brainwashed and Conditioned

Not knowing our own minds

Domesticated from birth

And forced into subservience blind

To the true reality of our own worth

Never realising out potentiality

Living the illusory life devoid from reality

Life is all about causality

So be the cause the ends this banality

And understand their system is built on the frailty

Of relying on us to buy their lies

Controlling us with our money 

Taken from our pockets

Taken from our hard earned wages

In stepped stages 

Where those at the bottom put much more in

While those at the top take much more out

It’s a farcical  state of living

Dreamed up by those who benefit from the system

That has built itself up on our blood, sweat and tears

And from being oppressed and exploited over years

You are worth so much more this

So stand up, reject and refuse this

As promoted by all governments

We want more balanced governance

Based on fairness, love and peace

Where there is no gap between the poor and the rich

By creating a state of equality. 

We the power


We can be the power

If we take control,

Our voices can be heard

When it comes from 

the heart and soul,

We can make a difference 

If we change ourselves,

We can be the love

Which is our greatest wealth,

We can be the movement 

The paradigm shift,

We can be the frequency lift,

That raises humanity out of war,

Raise it from poverty, fear, hate and so much more,

We can be whatever we want to be

All we need to do is realise it 

and all we need is to believe,

That we are the power

So let’s make sure we seize it.