Fortune favors the brave

  They say that fortune favors the brave and if this is truly the case, we need to be a whole lot braver to save the human race. For it’s driving it’s self to the edge of extinction conducting itself without any distinction, it’s to busy trying to focus on the greed, ignoring those others whoContinue reading “Fortune favors the brave”

Life got in the way (broken promises)

The promises we make are the promises we should keep but somewhere somehow life can intervene making it not possible to stand by the promise we made but in many circumstances we should be ashamed for life if ever flowing and always in a flux and sometimes life can leave us in a difficult rutContinue reading “Life got in the way (broken promises)”

Dirty energy, Dirty coal

  Dirty energy, dirty coal, no future in this industry, it’s time to stop denying climate change and move forward in a greener way, dirty energy, dirty coal, dirty minds, of those of old, who think that this may do some good, but this is a blatant falsehood. Investing in jobs is what they say but how’sContinue reading “Dirty energy, Dirty coal”

Casting blame

When we look to others to cast blame when things go wrong and when things fail, stop and take another look check out as see the truth that others can not be held to blame if we fall or if we fail, understand and see through the veil, the all we do we are responsibleContinue reading “Casting blame”

The weight of life

When you feel like life is bearing down on you and the weight of it is crushing you remember that you are the the solid mass you think you are you are comprised of energy and light both these things flow and so you should flow from under the weight of expectation, perception and pressure. DoContinue reading “The weight of life”

Be the exception 

Be the exception  Never be the rule, Be the wisest of them all Don’t be nobody’s fool, Be the the one that goes where Angel’s fear to tread, Keep still the chatter That’s within your head, Focus on conscious reality Reject the illusory, Be the righteous soul of love And live life balanced, Within duality.

Take my breath away

I once met a forestal  A guardian of the trees He said he could not believe Humanity were cutting down All they can see After all how do they think They are going to breathe When they have cut down All the trees out of pure stupidly.  I told we are and arrogant  And ignorantContinue reading “Take my breath away”

Secret territories

Let me explore your secret territories on a quest for sensuality so I can kiss you passionately and stir your soul erotically and make you yearn and want much more your territories I further explore do things I know you will adore give yourself wholly to me and let me do things that you thatContinue reading “Secret territories”

Long distance love

Long distance love meant just talking on the phone, to souls in love both feeling alone, sharing thoughts and feeling and then she said ‘make me moan’, so her told her all the kind of things he would do when they were home. He told her how he would caress her and trace his lipsContinue reading “Long distance love”



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