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Spin you a yarn


Shall I spin you are yarn about life and love,

Or the spirit and the God above,

Should I spin you a yarn about climate change,

Or the nuclear threat and the end of our days,

I could do all of this for you

But understand one thing these things are all true,

And if connected more closely with your conscious mind,

You would know this more than a yarn you will find.
Via: daily prompt: yarn

Be euphoric 


Euphoric we can be

And freedom we can reach,

If we open up our hearts

If we choose to believe,

We are greater than we know

We are ancient stories still untold,

We are miracles and amazing

We are spiritual wisdom in the making,

Everyday we are awakening 

And a new world can be in the creating,

Of our love compassion and peace

And all others we can teach,

To transcend the beings that they are right now,

And stop being just sheep,

And become enlightened souls,

That has within it a new resolve,

That will preserve for ever,

In a matrix that won’t dissolve into division again.

A penchant for war 


This penchant for war

This desire for destruction,

Of humanity and the planet

And every existing species on it,

Is driving society

And we have to try and change this,

Stand up and be heard,

Be precious with your words

And enunciate how you feel,

Let’s not give up until

Those in power start to listen.

Use the power of your vote,

Or use the power of your voice,

Let them know you have a choice,

And that choice is not them.

So stand up and be heard

Don’t let the leaders swerve,

These decisions, so hold your nerve,

Be the power, be the change,

Be a new order and a bright new age

Without war and destruction,

Let’s get this global movement under construction. 

They then  will fear this

And they will bow,

To the will of those who want this

And their towers they will crumble

And the unfair systems will tumble

And we will  know love

Will know peace,

Just understand this is within our reach,

So stay strong

And make a change,

To these global systems of wrong.

My home


A lotus covered garden

Filled with hibiscus and lavender trees,

And a myriad of Spectral images

As far as the eye can see,

Among the rhododendrons and azaleas of beauty,

That my friend is the place that you will find me.

Perfumed gardens


They met in the sweet scented perfumed gardens,

Both devoted to love and both ardent,

Spiritual souls of meditative bliss

Sharing the pleasures of a kiss,

Yet more, so much more than this,

They practice living life transcending

Mental and physical realms.

Searching synchronicity through universal stealth,

Both connected to unconditional 

Love, peace, compassion and tolerance,

Both perfecting what they find within,

That is the creation in everything.
Via: daily prompt: perfume

Old fart! not me


The body may age

But not the mind,

If you keep it exercised

Yiur as young as feel

Within your thoughts,

This is a truth thT to many is unrevealed.

As the body ages

The rebellion and fire

Inside then starts subsiding

But there is plenty still to fight for

So just don’t sit back,

Think that’s my lot and just relax

And wait for age to overtake you,

Be true to yourself though you’ve lost your youth,

Don’t just go excepting your lot,

Keep pushing forward

Until you drop,

For age is just a state of mind

And what other people say about me is fine,

Because I am young at heart 

And will always be,

No matter what you think or  what you perceive. 

Leave it 


The past has gone,

Stop fighting to keep it present,

Let it go,

Focus on new fresh things in the present

Stop looking backwards,

When forward is the only direction to go.

Don’t close yourself off,

Be open to everything,

Be what you want to be,

Not what others tell you to be,

Leave that past domestication behind

And create the new you, 

Vibrant, authentic and in the moment,

Always moving forward,

Never dwelling in the past.

No tea!


Woke up to only coffee this morning 

All the tea had gone,

I always like a cup of tea 

Before my life moves on,

Have to cope without it

Until go to the shop.

I love a cup of coffee

But in the morning

Tea is the key

For me to stagger and find my feet

And leave me feeling happy.

In this together


We are in in this life together 

and it goes by in the blink of an eye,

So why waste it hating and fighting

This is not worthwhile,

What is the point of being jealous,

What is the point of being sad,

This life and moment should be the best 

We have ever had.

What is the point of sitting wasting our lives away,

When we could be helping others,

Struggling with life each day

And why do we care more about money,

Rather than our family and friends,

Why are we so obsessed with material possessions,

That you cannot take with you

When the grim reaper comes to calls,

Why are we not happy

With anything at all,

That doesn’t benefit us

Or give us some reward,

Why can we not just live out life

Inspired by the call,

To love and come together 

As one unified race,

Tolerant and peaceful

In a happy and kinder place,

Why can we not see that negativity is such a waste,

Of our life and our energy,

Choose love my friends not hate.