Monthly Archives: Apr 2017

Leave it 


The past has gone,

Stop fighting to keep it present,

Let it go,

Focus on new fresh things in the present

Stop looking backwards,

When forward is the only direction to go.

Don’t close yourself off,

Be open to everything,

Be what you want to be,

Not what others tell you to be,

Leave that past domestication behind

And create the new you, 

Vibrant, authentic and in the moment,

Always moving forward,

Never dwelling in the past.

No tea!


Woke up to only coffee this morning 

All the tea had gone,

I always like a cup of tea 

Before my life moves on,

Have to cope without it

Until go to the shop.

I love a cup of coffee

But in the morning

Tea is the key

For me to stagger and find my feet

And leave me feeling happy.

In this together


We are in in this life together 

and it goes by in the blink of an eye,

So why waste it hating and fighting

This is not worthwhile,

What is the point of being jealous,

What is the point of being sad,

This life and moment should be the best 

We have ever had.

What is the point of sitting wasting our lives away,

When we could be helping others,

Struggling with life each day

And why do we care more about money,

Rather than our family and friends,

Why are we so obsessed with material possessions,

That you cannot take with you

When the grim reaper comes to calls,

Why are we not happy

With anything at all,

That doesn’t benefit us

Or give us some reward,

Why can we not just live out life

Inspired by the call,

To love and come together 

As one unified race,

Tolerant and peaceful

In a happy and kinder place,

Why can we not see that negativity is such a waste,

Of our life and our energy,

Choose love my friends not hate. 

Overtime relief


At work she sat

In her office alone

No one to greet her

When she gets home

She longed for someone 

To be there for her

To ease the tension

Ease the feelings

She had within.

Sat alone on overtime

Things started to

Enter her mind 

And for pleasure

A need to use and be abused.

As she sat her hand moved

Up the sheer stockings leg

Parting her knees

She touched herself 

And caused her breathe

To let out a gasp of lustfulness

And as she touched her passion rose

As she felt the moistness her desire grows

More and more she wanted this

Writhing in her chair

Making the most of this.

Hitching up her tight pencil skirt

Undoing her blouse

Unclipping her bra

Caressing her breasts 

She was now ready for what would happen next.

She glided her hand back to her thighs

Searched for the place both in and outside 

That would help her find that epic peak

She was an expert at all this.

As as she worked her fingers of magic

She enjoyed as they went at it 

She locked her lips and let out soft moans

As she found the sensual home

Of waves of lust and waves of pleasure

Flowed through her and made her arch

Long legs stretched in her heels

Thrusting hips, she wanted to feel

Every desire rip through her being

As she pushed harder to achieve the feeling

That she was ready to explode in every way

She needed to unload

The energy of pent up frustration

Raising up her ultimate sensation 

She suddenly became rigid

Then twitched so wild

Thrusting her body in rhythmic style.

She then relaxed, panting hard

Glad that she made that start

Sighed and moaned 

And basking in the lust

She knew that for now

Would have to be enough.

Then as she sorted out her clothes 

She wondered  if she had been exposed

Realised her webcam was on

Wondered if anyone saw

What had gone on.

Not knowing made her slightly panic

Flustered as she reached shutting it down

But then she smiled

A wicked smile

Wondering if she had made someone’s night

With her show of sexual delight.

Humanitarian love


Love for one,

And love for all,

Let it be unconditional,

Let it loose and let it thrive

Let it come from heart and mind,

Keep the heart and mind always open,

Welcome in the light for all,

Reject hate and turn away from judgement,

Be benevolent in all you say and do,

For we are one and we are united

The love for all humanity is our call. 



Chemical and biological weapons break laws

But chemical pollution for the profit cause,

It is fine by those who make the rules

Treating us all as if we’re fools,

Poisons are alright if there is profit in it

Then based on how much, then there is no limit,

Hypocrisy in action, as we always see,

Multinational corporations raping our Earth for greed.

Acid rain


Acid rain

Pours down again,

The profiteers

Don’t care who feels the pain.

Acid rain 

Bares the stains,

Allowing this this to happen

Is totally insane.

Acid rain

It’s done for gain,

Environmental disaster

Destroys our Earth each day.