Appreciating food 

Bite the fruit Taste the juice, Now imagine it’s source. With a still clear mind Think of how this Succulent food started out, As a seed made of energy  Sown in fertile soil, Which then grew into a tree From seedling right up to Full maturity. Then flourishing in blossom It became a fruit, AndContinue reading “Appreciating food “

Phone alone

She sat alone watching the tv Though nothing much was on, Her family were all in bed She was invisible and unknown, And she sat and thought of what she missed Thoughts began to stir And before too long she found herself Legs open wide on the sofa And she was touching and was rubbing,Continue reading “Phone alone”

Be careful desire

Be careful of your desires  Focus on the needs And not the wants, Be grateful for everything Don’t take for granted anything. For the root of all true happiness Is within all the natural things, The truth of being truly blessed Lays beyond all desiring.

Ghost of my mind

Like a ghost, you haunt my mind, Drifting in and out of time, I find myself thinking of nothing else but you And I lament upon what I see is true, You didn’t see me, You did not believe in me, You never gave us a chance, You looked through me And though I breathed,Continue reading “Ghost of my mind”

I dream you in, I breathe you out

I dreamt you in  And I breathed you out, I feel the love for you, We rise, we fall I here you call, We share and bare all. Because I am into you, Because your into me, We both cling so tightly, We bend but never break, We’re both wide awake, We make love and demonstrate,Continue reading “I dream you in, I breathe you out”

Book recommendation. Mindful Eating Mindful Life. Thich Nhat Hanh.

  This book speaks for itself. It guides through how to eat mindfully and appreciate what we eat in each moment from the moment the seed is planted right to the point of consumption and how this aides with out mindful practices of life. Co-written by Dr Lilian Cheung. This book focuses the mind onContinue reading “Book recommendation. Mindful Eating Mindful Life. Thich Nhat Hanh.”

What would you like me to do

I trace my hand across your skin I feel the texture and i feel you begin, to surrender your being, to surrender your soul, I feel the goosebumps even though it’s not cold and I can feel the expectation, of gratification, as I trace my hand over you, what do you want me to do,Continue reading “What would you like me to do”

Book recommendation. The Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton.

  This is a great book the redefines out dated thinking within the whole area of Biology as a science and links it to spirituality and belief. Bruce Lipton is a leading authority in his field and demonstrates in this book why this is. This book certainly opens the eyes and the mind to theContinue reading “Book recommendation. The Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton.”

Our lives

We live little boxes And live little lives, Is this all that we aspire to, Is this all we have to do See the motions we need to go through,  Never questioning anything Simply always complying, Playing it safe, feet on the ground Never try to live your life to loud, Never stand out fromContinue reading “Our lives”

There is an art to living

There is an art to living without fear And that is to question everything you hear, There are many who will use it to control your life, Many who seem to think this is right. They do it so you will put your faith in them, They do it it so you will give upContinue reading “There is an art to living”


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