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Book recommendation. The Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton.



This is a great book the redefines out dated thinking within the whole area of Biology as a science and links it to spirituality and belief. Bruce Lipton is a leading authority in his field and demonstrates in this book why this is. This book certainly opens the eyes and the mind to the new possibilities and the new thinking within science and belief.


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Our lives


We live little boxes

And live little lives,

Is this all that we aspire to,

Is this all we have to do

See the motions we need to go through, 

Never questioning anything

Simply always complying,

Playing it safe, feet on the ground

Never try to live your life to loud,

Never stand out from the crowd,

Keep your head down 

Just get through,

Do you really know the real you,

Never shown your colours to all

Never  ever really stood tall,

Never made your voice heard

Always content to follow the herd,

Content with living life unknown

This is the seed that we all sown

And wonder why life can be so meek,

Instead of amazing which we seek.

There is an art to living


There is an art to living without fear

And that is to question everything you hear,

There are many who will use it to control your life,

Many who seem to think this is right.

They do it so you will put your faith in them,

They do it it so you will give up your freedom.

The art to living is to not to hope to die bravely

But the hope that you can live courageously.

The art of of living is to always hopeful,

The art of living is to always be happy.

Though dark days may descend,

Know there will always be light,

Do not let others doubts, cloud your sight.

Never forget you area universal miracle 

And live your life like your imperial.

Be the best that you  can be

And show love to all unconditionally. 

My days cleaning


I spent many years

Buffing floors,

Shining them up

More and more.

A meticulous cleaner

Cleanliness proud,

I have an eye for the detail

And many ask me now,

Was cleaning a vocation 

It’s a menial job,

Paid very little

Only a few bob,

Compared to those accountants

And bankers in good jobs

But I did this with the same pride

As these people do.

It’s not how worthy the job is,

It’s how worthy are you,

To do whatever it takes

To earn a wage 

Just so the bills can be paid

But doing the best that you

Or anyone else can,

Is the mark of a person

The mark of a man or woman.
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The virtue of patience


Patience and virtue

Compassion and peace

This must be our release,

To all those around us

In an infectious glow

Reaching out around the globe,

Spreading the best values of humanity

Helping those in the most need

Putting aside our ego and material greed,

Conjoined with unconditional love

And a desire to be free.

Book Recommendation. The Tibetan book of living and dying. By Sogyal Rinpoche


This is a wonderful book that really galvanised my spiritual beliefs. I really do recommend this to anyone interested in in Buddhism.

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Those who made us smile we miss


We miss those who brought smiles into our lives,

we miss those who always radiated light

and when they are no longer here we shed a tear,

when they are no longer here there seems a lot less cheer.

We miss those who lit up our lives

and we are allowed to, because that is our right,

they made dark days so bright,

and sad days much more fun

and they brought with them so much unconditional love.

So it’s ok to miss them

and to pay homage to them,

it’s ok to miss them because they meant everything,

yes they were the very things that made us smile.