Monthly Archives: Jun 2017

Tired and kicking back


I am so tired

I feel as if I could sleep 

For eternity. 

Barely keep my eyes open

It’s the end of another tough week.

I am so exhausted I could drop 

Right her right, now for sure

I ache, I yawn

I work my way home

I such the stress out

And let it go

And hope the weekend goes slow.

I need to recharge my batteries

And to gain some energy

I need some time to relax

I need some time just to kick back.

What could I offer You?


Would you offer yourself to me

If I offered you something

That would satisfy your needs

Would you, could you love me?

What is it that I could offer

What is it you need

Are the any reasons

To stop you loving me?

Is there something that would stop you

From giving me your heart

Or is there something I can offer

To tear your defences apart?

Nibbles and snacks


I had a little nibble on her wares

a tasty little snack, she was,

and fully aware

of the hunger that I had for her fruits

and a craving for her goodness,

the taste of her sweet essence

was like an addiction to me.

She tasted oh, so very sweet

her lips like cherry wine

and as I sampled all of her

it got more and more divine,

she did not limit where I could savor

and she was eager for me to taste,

and this was not a kind of opportunity

that I was about to waste.

So if you ever open your doors

with a view to sharing your wares,

just let me know, for I am a connoisseur

and will immediately be there.



Rumour mill


Hearsay, rumour and gossip

It all distorts our lives,

Leaves us feeling angry

Or bitter from time to time,

It distracts us from our path in life

And can preoccupy the mind

And hearsay, rumour and gossip

Is often spite based or jealous and often so unkind,

So cleanse your mind and soul of this

And don’t become its victim,

Of a drama based belief

And domesticated addiction.

Know you

Know you

Absorbed in our own story

Creating numerous illusions,

We have to keep in mind 

That we are not who we say we are

But how we act,

Are we telling ourselves the truth

Or are we just delusional,

Are we simply kidding ourselves

With comforting ourselves with white lies.

Are we honest with ourselves enough

To face the brutal truths

And make changes where they are needed

So our light can shine on through,

It means going within and discovering

The true and real authentic you,

Not the domesticated version

That’s been conditioned and lied too.

We need to find the self love and respect

To be honest with ourselves,

No one else can define you

Because they are outside your shell

And do not know the real you,

Do not know your desires and dreams,

It’s only really ever and only simply been,

Down to you to identify and show all who you are

And once you have achieved this

You will as bright as the northern star.



I often need an escape for this reality,

I tune into learn lessons but it depresses me,

Left and right and all that stuff simply annoys me,

People with inflated egos all lying to me

And religions are no better with disputes over belief,

I’d prefers to live in a world where all original thought is free

And all views and beliefs tolerated

And accepted and respected of course  believe me

And where those are your unique thoughts

Not one installed through the subliminal

An  covertly conditionally taught

But where all information is independent

Freely learnt not forced.

Until then I tune and then tune out

As I feel is fit

But much of the time I will lose my self

In books and spiritual things,

I will lose myself in meditation

And lose my self in practice

And explore the universe and self

And discover my unknown conscious,

For there I find true grace and bliss,

And luminescent inner peace,

That is where I find my true spiritual conscious awakening.

But more important that is where I find unconditional love resides

And stand on the beach of tolerance

Bathing in compassionate tides.

Reality which is actually illusory

Is such a grey and tawdry thing,

So tuning out and tuning in operates at higher frequencies

Of beauty and creation of spirit and of soul

Where all thing living  things are respected

Be it young or be it old,

Are cherished as amazing

In stories that are long told.

Non violent view


You won’t find answers in violence

You will only find answers in peace

You won’t find respect in violence

Just loss of your integrity 

No you won’t find love in the violence

You will only find bitterness and pain

I said you won’t find achievement in using violence

Through using some one else to blame

You won’t save the world with your violence

So don’t pretend your doing it my name

Because I don’t agree with your violence 

Because those who are violent should be ashamed.