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Don’t be afraid to say you love someone


He only wanted some affection

He only wanted to be shown love,

He did not that this was to much

To ask.

Yet people think that men don’t act this way,

This is not something that they crave

But we all need to be told we are loved

And even men need some affection,

As well appreciation too,

I think regardless of our gender we are guilty,

Of not giving enough,

To each other,

Sharing love with one another,

We all take each other for granted

And the love can turn bitter,

Becuase we fail to understand

That it’s all in our hands,

The love and affection,

Don’t give out signs of rejection,

For we are all hurt by this pain

And sometimes the cruel things that we say,

Out of desperation

And because we are lashing out,

Through our stress and worry

Out of our frustrated lives,

We all need to come together and hold each other tight.

We need to find the love,

We need to cherish it,

We need to respect it

And don’t take it for granted,

Be impeccable with your words,

Be impeccable with your thoughts,

Be impeccable with your actions,

Stand tall and walk the walk.

Feel the love,

Show the love

But most of all don’t be afraid to say it,

Because it’s vital that we talk,

Or we will lose the love

And we will lose it all

And it’s a sorry sight watching love fall.

A place of myths


Among the northern lights

A primordial time exists,

Somewhere in the ether

Within the swirling coloured mists,

A preternatural feeling

Of radioactive gases,

Sends all our heads reeling

As we venture into the unknown,

On a path of discovery

To learn about the legends and myths,

That define the extrodinary,

The things we don’t think exists.

I don’t do confrontation


I am the kind of person who placates,

Avoids confrontations however much it takes,

Don’t see the point in arguments they’re futile,

Don’t see a point in falling out with people,

I just wanna remain calm if that is alright.

Some others say that’s why I am like a doormat

But there is a difference in being a placater

And someone who gets walked over,

There is only so much anyone can take

But I try avoid anger in any way

But I can still be firm and stick up for myself,

I don’t require stress disrupting my physical or mental health,

So I am just fine biding time,

Remaining benevolent and calm,

Rising, not to others bait,

Who love trouble and crave a confrontation,

I let them go their own way

And I just let them fade away.

Train troubles


Train cancelled

Not for the first time,

No pointing in screaming,

No point in shouting,

It is nit going to make the train appear

Though others don’t feel that way

And lose it in a fit of rage,

Is cathartic for them to lose their heads

I keep calm,

No point in stressing,

Even though it is quite frustrating.

It happened on a Friday

Someone jumped in front of a Train,

I was filled sadness

At their plight, so desperate

But today is a Monday a bad start to the week,

Due to a signal problems

Your train, we had to cancel it

And at the end of a long day,

Tired and hungry, I just let it slide

But in all truth I don’t need this,

I am weary in body and mind

And figure surely the week,

It can only going to get better,

Got stay positive and things will be better in the end.



His love for her was without question

he gave her everything he could,

he worked hard and paid the bills

did everything a good man should

but there was one aspect in his life

the was too substandard for his wife

and that was in the sexual life,

where he fail to satisfy her needs

where finding arousal hard indeed, #(or not hard being the case)

low libido affect him

could barely muster anything,

it was not as if he did not want too,

not like she did nothing for him,

it was physical, medical, psychological,

all wrapped up in to one.

So her let her take another man

rather than deprive of of any fun,

now others may ridicule him

call him feeble, call him weak

but it takes real strength to make such a sacrifice,

without being eaten alive with jealousy.

Yet he managed to overcome this flaw,

not because he did not care,

in fact it made him love her more,

for every time she returned

and that, he decided was a sign,

that she preferred him the best

even given the lack of sex,

and she confirmed this when she said,

‘I love that you made such a huge sacrifice

doing by me what you think is right

and though I may go with other men,

it’s just physical act in the end,

where what we have, is so much more’.

See living a life of selflessness and sacrifices

has it’s own rewards

and though people do not understand and call him strange,

that talking through the details of her nights,

asking to her share the knowledge of his sacrifice,

is not so strange and yes makes him happy

knowing all about the fruits of her delight

and so celibate he maybe,

it does not stop him and his wife being happy

and though others may judge,

they do not care, their love was big and strong enough to share.


Via Daily Prompt : Substandard

The duality effect


I fear not duality

I embrace it

It excites me,

To know there

Is an opportunity

To feel and witness

So much that life

Can offer in diversity,

That we cannot take

Anything for granted,

We are neither saved

Nor are we damned,

Just getting by each day

In a life where any plan

Is a futile waste

Of time that could be

Filled with love, light

And compassion

For those wh do not understand.

Aspects of poetry pt2


Poetry can be such an enlightening process,

One of love and light,

The opening and welcoming in from the heart,

The expansion of the soul outward in a luminescent glow.

This is a place to share happiness and wonders

And amaze you with its grace,

Touch you with its sheer bliss

It does not get better than this,

It embraces you in its dreams

And it gives us reason all to hope,

It can give you mechanisms that may just help you cope,

As a new dawn arrives

And as the sun begins to shine,

Banishing the dark clouds

I show you all that is divine,

My creativity is on offer to all those who feel inspired

There is no fee or entrance money ever required,

Just a wish for all the lost and lonely souls to see this place,

As a house of refuge in the darkest momements of their days.

Aspects of poetry pt1


Poetry can be a painful cathartic process,

The baring of the heart,

The unleashing of the soul,

As the darkness within rolls out

Like a primordial storm of doom.

The eliciting of words

As painful as extracting teeth,

Dropping drip by drip like blood upon the page,

Demonstrating passion,

Demonstrating rage,

Filled with such emotions that cannot be explained,

Frustration at this stage writes it’s own tales,

Torturous screams as if impaled

The desperation not to fail,

My creativity is not for sale

As my desire reaches beyond the pale,

Of self chastised indulgence

And self hating that is repugnant,

In the eyes of those who fail to understand.

The paranormal investigator


In the bleak dark ebony night

She felt the fear

She felt the fright

Her stomache knotted

Her muscles tight

As she walked slowly

From room to room

Checking that each was absent of doom

And in the darkness in the gloom

She to her relief returned soon

Back to the door where she entered this house

This one she was told that ghosts and demons shout

She had her theories she had her doubts

And to this end they had been borne out

And looking out from the doorway to the street

At the flickering lamplight

Where she heard cars tyres screeched

She smiled as though her doubts had been justified

Put a cigarette in her mouth

And lit a match cupped her hands and lit the cigarette inside.

Taking a gasp she straightened her back

Sad that again proof was lacked

To back up the story that this house was possessed

Just a figment of a mind obsessed

Taking one step forward

She felt the cold hands on her neck

She instinctively knew what was coming next

A tear stained her cheek

As the snap sounded out

Almost echoing it was so loud

Then her body pulled back in through the door

And she was not seen anymore

Just the burning remnants of a cigarette on the floor

Told a story that this house had stolen one life more.

She wrote with beauty


She was an amazing poet

She had a knack for a verse,

She could beautifully sculpture any words,

She used them like an artist painting a picture,

Her words were as her a beautiful fixture,

Of magnificence and wonderment to behold

Both her and her poetry were stories to be told,

Ones of love and fantasies,

She was to all a literary queen

She was the most creative person I had ever seen,

And muse to men and a vision of their dreams.