Lesson for today

Elevated to a position on high Maybe we could reach and touch the sky, Avoid being hoisted on our own petard We already live a life that has left scars, Maybe could rise a little higher Feel the sun’s incandescent fire, Maybe this is something to which we can aspire Or end up like IcurusContinue reading “Lesson for today”

My motivators

I have a lust for life, A passion for music, A drive for change, A desire for intellectual revolutions, I have a belief in spirit, A love for self, A craving for knowledge , And a wish for good health, All these things to me and more Are things that motivate me more.

Speaking truths not fear mongering

Finely balanced chemically is this Earth That allows for life on it to exist, So why is it so hard to believe That the balance of the climate is not the same. A slight shift could change the game It won’t take much but people say we will be fine, Climate change occurs every soContinue reading “Speaking truths not fear mongering”

Interstellar traveller

I wanna live among the stars Hang around in alien bars, In far off planets understanding their cultures Riding on comets being catapulted, Around different galaxies and multiverses Weaving in and out of nebulae throughout the universe, I want to travel far and wide Beyond Earths cloudy blue sky, In to dimensions hitherto unknown IContinue reading “Interstellar traveller”

Reasons to be mindful

When we are mindful And the mind is still Our See as levels Remain under control Reducing the risk of cortisol Flooding into the brain Hindering clear thoughts Enabling us to be caught In a cycle of bad or clouded decisions That will later to self derision For acting in haste at a stressful timeContinue reading “Reasons to be mindful”


We all need connections People that we can turn too At times of stress and worry And so that we can be there for others When they feel the same. As humanity we need to do the same Connect to together in a global way And share our hopes and aspirations Share our dreams beContinue reading “Connections”

Our supplication to creation

Geometry and frequencies A part of this whole galaxy, Of matter as well as energy Springing from light eternally, In this multiverse many can’t see Or even comprehend conclusively, For they are blind to conscious reality They are not awakened, they are asleep, Trapped in a world of illusory Pointing fingers at us as thoughContinue reading “Our supplication to creation”

Dark life

She lived under dark clouds, She obscured herself in the shadows, Yet though this blight affected her mind She still had a desire to be loved, To feel the joy of love in her heart, Conflicted though she may have been Though lacking self love and belief, She hoped for someone to come and releaseContinue reading “Dark life”

No shame in trying

There is no shame or failure in life When we endeavour at least to try To achieve whatever we feel right And if it does not work out Then maybe it was something not meant to be It does not mean we have failed and should feel shame It means we had the courage toContinue reading “No shame in trying”

Phoenix of the flames

There is a Phoenix that dwells within the fire, Shimmering within the orange flames That dance and reach high into the sky, Whilst the Phoenix oversees the pyre Inured to the fierce heat as it burns all else, The Phoenix is a bird of fiery I realms And aside from fire and heat it knowsContinue reading “Phoenix of the flames”

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