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Aspects of poetry pt1


Poetry can be a painful cathartic process,

The baring of the heart,

The unleashing of the soul,

As the darkness within rolls out

Like a primordial storm of doom.

The eliciting of words

As painful as extracting teeth,

Dropping drip by drip like blood upon the page,

Demonstrating passion,

Demonstrating rage,

Filled with such emotions that cannot be explained,

Frustration at this stage writes it’s own tales,

Torturous screams as if impaled

The desperation not to fail,

My creativity is not for sale

As my desire reaches beyond the pale,

Of self chastised indulgence

And self hating that is repugnant,

In the eyes of those who fail to understand.

The paranormal investigator


In the bleak dark ebony night

She felt the fear

She felt the fright

Her stomache knotted

Her muscles tight

As she walked slowly

From room to room

Checking that each was absent of doom

And in the darkness in the gloom

She to her relief returned soon

Back to the door where she entered this house

This one she was told that ghosts and demons shout

She had her theories she had her doubts

And to this end they had been borne out

And looking out from the doorway to the street

At the flickering lamplight

Where she heard cars tyres screeched

She smiled as though her doubts had been justified

Put a cigarette in her mouth

And lit a match cupped her hands and lit the cigarette inside.

Taking a gasp she straightened her back

Sad that again proof was lacked

To back up the story that this house was possessed

Just a figment of a mind obsessed

Taking one step forward

She felt the cold hands on her neck

She instinctively knew what was coming next

A tear stained her cheek

As the snap sounded out

Almost echoing it was so loud

Then her body pulled back in through the door

And she was not seen anymore

Just the burning remnants of a cigarette on the floor

Told a story that this house had stolen one life more.

She wrote with beauty


She was an amazing poet

She had a knack for a verse,

She could beautifully sculpture any words,

She used them like an artist painting a picture,

Her words were as her a beautiful fixture,

Of magnificence and wonderment to behold

Both her and her poetry were stories to be told,

Ones of love and fantasies,

She was to all a literary queen

She was the most creative person I had ever seen,

And muse to men and a vision of their dreams.

Lesson for today


Elevated to a position on high

Maybe we could reach and touch the sky,

Avoid being hoisted on our own petard

We already live a life that has left scars,

Maybe could rise a little higher

Feel the sun’s incandescent fire,

Maybe this is something to which we can aspire

Or end up like Icurus with our wings getting burnt.

There are lessons in all of life that need to be learnt

And if we control our ego and keep it in check,

We may just achieve something yet.

If we dazzle and we sparkle and we learn to shine

Maybe we see the truth and not remain blind,

To the potential that we all have lurking within,

Our lesson for today is a voyage of self discovering.

My motivators


I have a lust for life,

A passion for music,

A drive for change,

A desire for intellectual revolutions,

I have a belief in spirit,

A love for self,

A craving for knowledge ,

And a wish for good health,

All these things to me and more

Are things that motivate me more.

Speaking truths not fear mongering


Finely balanced chemically is this Earth

That allows for life on it to exist,

So why is it so hard to believe

That the balance of the climate is not the same.

A slight shift could change the game

It won’t take much but people say we will be fine,

Climate change occurs every so many thousand years

But the truth is back then humans did not exist,

So how can we compare this.

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom

For if we make a change,

We can still turn this all around,

We can prepare if we all pull together,

For rising se levels and changing weather,

While reducing down the damage we do,

Go to green energy and leave dirty fuels way behind,

Move into the future not rooted in the past.

The weight of responsibility is upon us,

For future generations sake,

For its important to understand

That though our lives may not be at stake,

We are putting down foundations

For other generations to survive and grow.

Interstellar traveller


I wanna live among the stars

Hang around in alien bars,

In far off planets understanding their cultures

Riding on comets being catapulted,

Around different galaxies and multiverses

Weaving in and out of nebulae throughout the universe,

I want to travel far and wide

Beyond Earths cloudy blue sky,

In to dimensions hitherto unknown

I want my mind to be blown,

By amazing scenes never seen before

And enchanting people living to a cause,

That maybe I don’t fully grasp

But will respect it until the last.

I wanna be an interstellar traveller,

I wanna journey in astral flight,

I wanna go this place of dreams,

I wanna sample these cosmic delights,

I wanna learn from having heard and seen.