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Second best

Second best

Worked all my life for a pittance of pay,

A slave to corporation’s and chained to the state,

Only time they’ll let me go is when I in my grave,

After trying to take away all I have when I reach old age,

And this is we get,

Second best,

Never any rest

And a life of regret,

Working for a system

That doesn’t work for you,

The trickle down theory

A theory invented to fool,

I want more than scraps from the table

Of the very rich,

I think that my contribution is worth more than this.

And this is what we get,

Second best,

Never any rest

And a life of regret,

Why should it be that we should get the lesser share,

Without workers and producers

There would be fewer millionaires,

Why can we not get a greater a share of the profits,

Its because the system doesn’t want it,

It needs you poor,

It needs the wolf at your door,

To encourage you to work more and more

And as your doing this they’re on the golf course.

And this is all we get,

Second best ,

Never any rest,

Just a life of regret.

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Get into the groove


Suffocate me with your being

Smother me with your soul

Bare your body on me

Keep me warm as I grow old

And I will offer the same for you

As you pledge love to me

And I pledge love to you

Let’s get into the rhythm

Let’s get down into the groove.

Mesmerized flight

Mesmerized flight

I was mesmerized

By galactic sights,

I was so surprised

While taking astral flights,

That everything was amazing

As I found myself star gazing,

As I navigated by sensing

My intuitiveness relentlessly.

I was dazzled by the lights

And all the colourful sights,

Intruiged how multiverses

Shone and beckoned me so brightly.

I glided blissfully

Through an asteroid spree

Of rocks passing me,

Without colliding with me endlessly

And plunging me into oblivion,

It was as if,

Me and the Universe was one,

It was like I had never

Experienced such fun,

Flying through the Universe undone,

Simply at the mercy

Of my intuition head long,

Into a cosmic paradise of love.

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Memorize you


I saw your sensual form

I see your jeans are torn

I see you in tight tops

Of which I like a lot

I see your ample breasts

And your curvaceous bum

And I know that from this moment I am undone.

Sorry if that’s misogynistic

Sorry if I am being crude

It’s not me being intentionally rude

I just love to memorize everything

All your sensuality

And your physicality

I love to peruse this beautiful view

I want to savour everything about you

And imagine everything that we could do

If you noticed me

If you looked my way

A simple smile would make my day

Yes I crave you

And all you do

I am sorry if that’s misogynistic

Sorry if that sounds rude

I am not trying to be crude

I just want to memorize

Everything about you.

Via:Daily Prompt: Memorize

Love yourself


If you don’t love yourself

Who else do you think will,

If you don’t love yourself

How can you love some else.

If you do not have faith in yourself,

How can you have faith in anyone else.

If you can’t speak for yourself

Are young going to leave it for somebody else.

If you don’t act for yourself,

Why should anybody act on your behalf,

It is your life and you have empower yourself

And not rely on anyone else,

Or you may find you’ve been let down.

If your life is not important enough,

For you to live it yourself then,

Why would others step in for you

And help carry you through,

Its your life so take responsibility for you

And be accountable for all you do

And live your life by self rule,

Unto yourself be true.

She has seen a few summers


A few summer’s for her had come and gone

But she still had it all going on,

She has experience she has wisdom

She appreciates all the love songs

And she’s kept her looks and she’s kept her figure

And I dare say shes retained her vigor for life.

She has eyes that show vulnerability,

She has a look of someone powerful indeed,

She has been through hard times, I swear

But it’s strengthened her but she still cares,

Willing to listen and to help anyone,

She has so much capacity for love,

Hard when needed and soft to the touch,

She is someone many would like to love,

All night long and all day,

With her you would carried away.

She’s seen a few summer’s come and go,

That’s not to say She’s old,

She has experience, wisdom and style,

The likes of her only come once in a while.

Resist hate

Resist hate

Resist the hate

And find a place,

Within your soul

To rest in grace,

To find the peace

To release,

The love that dwells

In you and me,

That stems from birth

From creation,

In a conscious celebration

Of all that’s good and all that’s right,

Shining in a radiant light

And making existence

A thing sublime,

Equal to anything divine,

Paying homage to our creator

By living life right,

By becoming awakened

And opening our eyes

And resisting and rejecting hate out of hand,

In the name of love,

We redefine our selves as human

As creation intended.

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In this together maybe

In this together maybe

We as a humanity

Suffer together,

Bleed together,

Cry together.

We as a humanity

Are happy together,

Laugh together,

Smile together.

When humanity is abused

By others,

We should learn to come together,

Stand strong,

Stand proud,

As one voice,

Then we may just rejoice

In feeling the power,

Feeling the might,

Of one unified voice

Standing for what is right,

In the face of adversity

Ensuring we are all free,

None discriminatory

Sharing and caring,

What ever belief we may be.

Where is the love I say,

Deep within you and me,

So it’s about time we set it free

And as one humanity.

We suffer together maybe,

We bleed together maybe,

We cry together maybe

But out of this negativity,

We find positive belief

And we become

Happy together maybe,

We laugh together maybe,

We smile together maybe,

We love each other definitely.

Share the love,

Spread the love,

Be the love.

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One Love, heart and breath


One love,

One heart,

One breath,

Formulates one light,

One life,

So live it right,

One world,

One race,

Don’t let anyone tell we’re not.

We all as one

We will not be undone,



The futures in you and me.

Connect to one love

One heart

And relax and just breathe.

Fluid we be

Fluid we be

Live in fluidity

Don’t stand still

Or you’ll be left behind

Live in fluidity

Be like water

And go with the flow

Live in fluidity

Let your and mind go

Let it flow and see where it goes

Live in fluidity

Don’t become attached

Ripple forward and then ebb back

Live in fluidity

So you can navigate around

And over any obstacles found

Live in fluidity

Let me flow into you

As I let you flow into me.0