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Standing in defiance


We circle above the ground so high

Looking down on humanities plight,

Averice and gluttony in which some delight

As if in a mad race of an extinction flight,

Destroying everything that gets in their way

It’s a disgrace to live denying blame

But these people know no shame,

To interested in material gain

And trying to achieve some degree of fame,

To try to justify this ridiculous life

Where everybody keeps taking sides,

Like balance is something to be denied

And living to extremes is somehow right

But their actions cause war poverty and the plight,

Of those who starve in the third world And die,

Underneath a flag unfurled

And an anthem that is meant to control,

By men with no heart and no soul

I refuse to be a part of their insane fold,

I would rather stand out here in the cold

Then let me dignity and principles be sold,

I was created and shaped in a different mold

That I broke the moment I was born,

And decided I would stand defiant in the face of your storm.

Deep insight


Uplifting and uprising

We can be so inspiring

As we are all aspiring

And conspiring

To revising

Our life of negative beguiling.

We must uplift and unify

We must be willing to testify

And be willing rectify

The self inflicted harm we specialise

On inflicting on our lives

Denying ourselves paradise

In this life and the afterlife

We need to learn to start to sacarfice

The egotistical to ease the strife

To allow us to slip into deep insight

To clarify our conscious mind into understanding

Our own true inner might.

Rising sun


Rising Sun,

Brand new day,

Different approach

To living my way,

Feel the warmth on my face

Sense nature resplendent grace,

Connect with love

As well as peace,

Find unity with others

Through sharing free speech,

With everyone that I meet

And as the sun’s rays beat down

I hear the sound,

Of laughter of small children

As they play and have fun in the park

And I feel as though life

Has created a spark,

Of inspiration for all to see

Who are awaken

And are not asleep.

These days a full of brilliance

As we echo our resilience

And shine so bright

That can see

The spiritual energy,

That flows through our very beings

Because of our chakra integrity.

Universal infinity


In a universe of infinity

We can always dream,

In a multiverse of myriad beliefs

We need to be accepting

That it up to them and we shouldn’t judge them

That this a choice of free expression

And as long as it does not impinge on me

And my freedoms

Then we can live together happily

Investigating realms beyond the stars

Looking to discover we are

We need to heal the scars

And ease the pain

While visiting worlds and galaxies

On a different plain

Everything is unique nothing is the same

In life as in Milky Ways

We display

The nature of conscious mind in Every way

On each and every day

So it’s important to create great things

As human sentient beings

We could be freeing

Ourselves from the drudgery

Of the mundane reality we create.

Life is lived in many shades


We have to see the subtle nuances

Of the various shades of duality

The light and the dark of reality,

The potential between you and me

To succeed through endeavouring our hardest to achieve,

I love the the spiritual belief

Of connecting to in conscious reality,

That inspires me environmentally

And to brings about some compassion and more peace,

Where we could and should learn to live kindly

And if we do this then maybe the universe will refine me,

Along with the whole of humanity

And live with honesty,

That our future is changing how we live,

To tackle climate change

And countless ongoing wars,

Many of them without a truthful cause,

This can’t be ignored

We have to rise above and do more to oppose this,

With our spirit and our belief in creation at each moment.

So see the subtle nuances

And feel the duality involvement

And know that it could all be different,

If we change the position that we see from,

Than we think from,

Than we act on,

Because where we are is a product of domestication,

In the manifestation,

Of what we are told is the norm

And that acting differently leads to scorn,

Well scorn me, for my beliefs,

Based around benevolence, love and peace,

Within a impermanent life of fake realities,

I choose to be the person I am authentically

And I will succeed and if you join me,

We can achieve any future we want to see.

Can you hear me


Sanctifying grace

Within the divine state,

Despite the doubts

I do recall the thoughts I have

And how they enthrall,

Is anybody out there

Does anybody truly really care,

I feel a presence of the angels

I wonder if they reveal themselves at all,

I revel in the spiritual recall

Of the conscious body that’s installed

Deep within us all,

Is anybody out there

Does anybody truly really care,

Are you waiting for your share

Or are you also aware,

About a good out there

Detached from us and so we all in despair,

I know there’s someone out there

I know that someone truly really cares,

So won’t you please help me

Won’t you please reach out

Can you not see,

I have not given up on life

I just want an end to this suffering,

So if you can hear me out there

Can you just acknowledge that you care,

That’s all I ask of you

A little bit of ultimate truth

For believing in you,

Is anybody out there

Does anybody truly care.

Grow and evolve


Glow like a beacon

Shine so bright,

Your dreams will then

More easily take flight,

Don’t suppress your feelings

Don’t he yourself down,

We are inspired more

When we let love resound,

Through our being,

Through our hearts,

Setting our self free,

Buddha meditated

Under a bodhi tree,

So we should do the same

Find our own favourite tree

And sit and meditate

Until our spirit is set free,

Lets grow into people

Of spiritual belief

And evolve into a more enlightened humanity.

Run down lives


Grey derelict buildings

Hooded kids riding bikes,

Hanging on the corner

Smoking weed

As the oap’s sitting by their window,

In a home that seems a prison now,

In which they never get out.

The street light flickers as night sets in

The cars race round the streets,

Chased by police it’s all a game

Knowing they will get off with a warning.

Litter, mattresses and old sofas

Fly tipped along the road,

Is it any wonder when people call this home,

They grow up dysfunctional

And know that they are poor,

You do not have to be gifted or highly educatated at all.

They get substandard services,

They get substandard schools,

As if they have not intelligence

The state treats them as fools.

These wanna be gangsters then decide to steal from the rich,

To give themselves a foot up in life

And you get angry because you think that’s the wrong

But they don’t care and not even try to understand,

For wealth is there at their finger tips

If they rob and steal from you,

And has more dignity than living out of skips,

Because there is no respect in poverty,

Or growing up in slums,

So don’t go getting it twisted

For nothing about this life is fun.

A quest based on dreams


The quest to find a place beyond

This world and all this suffering

Through meditation

And astral bliss

No requirements for spaceships.

I glide as if in tranquillity

To find a place in which I believe

Some Ambrosian or Avalonian dream

A place of great mythology

Or maybe I can find the path to Shambala

A spiritual Nirvana

It seems if we believe

These are places we can reach

Extending out beyond our dreams

Displacing any misery

And creating within you a place that is happy.

We are on a quest for a place of grate

A place brighter a better state

Where we can relax and reside in peace

And finally feel whole and complete

This is what I want for you

And this is what I need for me

A place of pure spiritual belief.