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Dreams of escape


We dream in a hope to escape

To discover light

To discover love

To find way

To a better place

Away from all

Of these very days

We dream, dreams

To escape

To fly away

To find a day

Full of light

And full of love

We need to dream

In hope to escape

Sweet dreams

I wish you better days.

Day of the dead 2


Day of the dead

No dwelling on horror or dread

Day of the dead

A celebration to those who have left

The day of the dead

A reminder not to forget

Those who we love

Who’ve passed from this life into the next

The day of the dead

Let’s rejoice in life and in death

Feindishly ghoulish


The fiendishly ghoulish

Lurking in the shadows of the night,

The fiendishly ghoulish

They appear when you turn out the light,

The feindishly ghoulish

Hiding under your bed at night,

The feindishly ghoulish

They look to give you such a fright

And the feindishly ghoulish

Decide to come out and play,

If you’re scared of your own shadow

You best keep yourself hidden away

And when the feindishly ghoulish

Are looking to feast on on some poor souls,

Then you had better find some friends,

So they do not find you all alone,

Because the feindishly ghoulish

Will look to devour you whole,

Now beware the feindishly ghoulish

For they are all on Halloween Patrol.

Via: Daily Prompt: Ghoulish

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Whispers echo through her ear

Resonating through her head

A sound of myriad voices

In hushed tones with heavy breaths

Her lips are moist her eyes closed

Her heart rate hits faster beats

She struggles to contain and stifle the sounds

That give away she’s going over the brink

These whispers arethoughts running wild

And take her to places she’s never been

She is not quite sure where They come from

But they create technicolour dreams

Of images or discovery and visions

Of some most extrodinary scenes

Her breathing like that in her head now

Has started commanding everything

As she writhes in herbed tangled in her sheets

She continues on with the whispers and dreams

Unable to control or even stop them

Damp now is the state of her sheets

As perspiration and wetness she’s emitting

Is taking onto a voyage of discovery

It’s giving her feelings and sensations

That she could never have believed

The whispers are subtle and enticing

And instilling within her new beliefs

That there is so much more to her being

Then she could have truly ever believed.



Taut are the sinews and fibres

Intertwined neural synapses are flexed,

Stretched are the muscular reflex

As premonition echo in the head,

The conflux of so much confusion

Gripped within emasculated dreams,

The subtle neuroses of being

Are like necrosis eating everything,

As the symbolic transparency starts shimmering

Initiating a consciousness scheme,

Rigid is the state of this moment

As if rigor mortis had just set in,

Like sleep paralyzed by connections

That have been triggered within my brain,

There is no sight or sound of movement

I am I now dead or have I just gone insane.

Rough life


Casualties of a society

That lacks the caring morality

That is willing to leave

People sleeping rough on the street

There nothing advanced

Or progressive about a society

That cannot find a solution to this.

Many of these people are victims of mental health issues

Many of these found themselves in hard times

That saw them spiralling Down

Many of them are youngsters

Simply trying to escape abuse

Sadly some of them are there victims of that abuse

None of these truly want to be there

They’ve simply nowhere else to go

Many of them are lost so deep

In the worst kind of sorrow

So tell me how we neglect these souls

They range from very young to very old

Many will perish this winter due to the cold

We need to care a lot more and break the mold

For this is more than a sad story needing to be told

For many it’s a way of existing

And the difference between

Dying and living.

Deep in the epicentre


Deep in the epicentre

Deep in the heart

There lays the answers

To what being human is about

Deep in the epicentre

Deep in the heart

Leave all your regrets

Stay firmly in the past

Live in the present

Live without regret

Live in truth impeccably

In this existence and the next

Deep in the epicentre

Deep in the heat

Live in unconditional love

And with a compassion that will last

Deep in the epicentre

Deep in the heart

Find the inner peace

And kindness that will cast

A light upon humanity

A light that resonates

And turns it’s back on violence

And on greed as well as hate.



I was not inspired by you

And that’s the truth,

I was inspired inspite of you,

What you said and did

In honest truth was so cruel,

We were like fire and the fuel,

I ignited you and you burned brightly,

Yet gave nothing back

Not even slightly,

I fuelled everything you did

I raised you up and helped you shine bright

But in return you did nothing for me

Just simply took all I did for granted,

So I am walking away

Leaving you on your own,

See how you get on now

Then let me know,

If you still burned as bright

All through the night,

Or did you just fizzle out

And end in burnt out embers,

A once bright light

Never to be remembered,

And all because you took me for granted

And all because you couldn’t be kind,

All you are is a user,

All you do is mess with my mind,

So I decided not to choose you

To live off all I do,

I decided that are many out there

Who would appreciate me more than you do.

Let me get to know you


I don’t want to fluff my lines

So I need to keep a clear mind

And hope that I can entice you

Because you intoxicate me

I just want to draw you in to me

I need to encorouge your desiring

It would be heavenly divine

For you and me to spend some time

Getting to know each other better

Get to know each other more

Savour intimacies that’s for sure

So let’s entwine both our bodies

So let’s both connect our minds

Lets both weave are hearts and soul

Let’s get so physical

Let’s lose control

Both of us forever young

Living the phenomenon of never getting old again

We will shine together in a cosmic way

So just let me get to know you.

Via:Daily Prompt:Fluff

Shades and hues


Subtle shades and hues

That colour our life,

Aspects of our minds

In shadow and light,

Seen through kaleidoscopic visions,

I sense a heartbeat,

I sense you move,

I feel the impact of the truth,

All that is here now is coloured by shades and hues,

Of different aspects of a mind that grew,

Out of a heartbeat

Out of truth,

All things are equal

Balance is due,

To the nature and creation

That is part of me and you,

I sense a heartbeat,

I sense you move,

I feel the impact of the truth,

I have uncondition love for you,

See the different colours and shades as well as hues

In all we do,

Flowing through me and you,

Defining us as brand new,

That defines us as the truth.