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Glide on filigree wings


She soared on filigree wings

With her heart light shining

With her eyes wide open

Looking down on the verdancy

Of lush green forests and rolling hills

The beautiful blue, green hues of rivers and seas

Witnessing creatures lope across the plains

Watching whales and dolphins

Break water time and again

And as she glides upon these wings

She smiles, laughs and softly sings

At all these amazing things

Like a wondrous daydream

Then as she watches the sunset go down

The oranges, pinks the purples pleasing to the eye

Spectacular background as she passes by

And then as night begins to enfold

The moon shines brightly ancient and old

She swoops in incandescently

Joining stars like dot to dot

Tracing the Big Dipper

And then the Plough

Astronomically she is a wow!

And as it times to land now

Back in her bed a smile spread over her face

No farrow etched upon her brow

Just a radiant light that makes her glow

This journey which set her spirit truly free

And left her with memories to eternally keep

As she resumed her peaceful restful sleep.

Sleep in peace


She is cradled in the arms of angels,

Held in place by the power of love,

Raised up on an alter of compassion,

Sent down from creation above,

She is swaddled in a blanket of stillness,

Soft as a cloud and a warm as any summers day,

Cosseted in dreams and memories

Sleep beautiful darling sleep,

And in my thoughts you will always stay.

Feed your dreams


Accumulate experiences of life

Learn to surf and learn to ride

The roller-coaster of ups and downs

Know that though it may sound profound

But living life each day like it’s your last

Is the only way to spend each day

Focused in this moment present

Past has gone and is now irrelevant

The future is a mystery

Still within you consciousness creating

Know one can tell what’s to come

But if we exercise our peace and love

And remain impeccable as well as balanced

Then we stand a chance and semblance

Of something amazing being achieved

And if we learn to work together

Everything we want to see

Can be ours if we keep the belief

There is nothing that we cannot do

If we set our mind and choose

Exactly what it is we need

Once we create the dream

It then becomes yours to feed.

Perceiving reality


The quality of nature

Is in the perspecuity of speech,

Of seeing through illusion

And perceiving reality,

The true aspect of understanding

Comes from deep within,

Reconnecting with our conscious

Rising up and transcending,

To an enlightened evolved state

That involves questioning everything

And being not afraid of the answers

That you are discovering,

For blind acceptance is a form

Of deluded attachment,

And will take you down the wrong path

And leave you in perpetual ignorance,

Its only when your eyes, heart and mind operate wide open,

That you experience the the true meaning

Of the lessons the universe is teaching.

I see you as family


I see not individuals,

I don’t see faith or colour,

I only see family

An extension of humanity,

Grown among stars,

Created from energy,

We are all beings of light

I am happy and share,

With everyone my unconditional love.

Energy and light


Darkness universal,

Spiritually enlightened,

Centered consciousness,

And mindful awareness.

Unconditional love,

Luminescent soul.

The religion of benevolence,

Ancient entities of creation,

The essence of the cosmic realms,

We are energy and light.



A snippet of love

A snippet of compassion

A snippet of benevolence

A snippet of peace

Is all it would take

For humanity to start

To turn things around

And for us to play a part

In making this world a better place

Full of hope and light

Its true for anyone to see

If they have the insight.

A snippet of intuition

And a snippet of understanding

Is all we need and a snippet is not something to demanding.

Via : Daily Prompt : Snippet