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Master of the Elements


She was the the last Master, the Elemental Master and she could manipulate air, water, earth and fire. She could raise tsunamis, create earthquakes, manifest tornados of awesome destructive power and could burn the whole earth in an inferno of fire. She had used these elements to focus humanities conscious mind on its peril. As she stood there with here filigree wings of structured bone her tied back long blonde hair, her fine silken translucent robe with her sword of mastering hitched to her side, she gazed around at the snow topped mountains, the low clouds that weaved in and out of the mountain peaks, watching the clear blue water flowing downwards to a place she chose not see. She was done with her unnatural sight and vision. The air here was thin but pure the earth below her feet soft fertile and loamy, the air was cold but there was behind her a gold pot filled with stones emitting fire, offering a semblance of warmth but she never felt the cold or warmth at all.

As she stood still taking in the view, a voice spoke behind her, ‘so what brings you here divine one’, barely acknowledging the voice she retorted softly. ‘I am leaving, it’s time to go’. She turned to face the direction of the voice and saw the tall slender Buddhist Monk, with his tanned face and head, his purple and orange robes. His face was kindly his smile one of peace. ‘I can do no more for these mortals’, the Monk nodded, ‘they have tested even the greatest saints. Our order is travelling to the void in the mountains to Shambala, we too have accepted the signs and come to terms with the inevitable’. She nodded solemnly. ‘Where are you going divine one, back home to the celestial realms? ‘Not sure? Maybe. The most important thing is to leave these to their own endeavours, I have selected a few enlightened beings as I am sure you have so that this race maybe renewed in a different dimension. There is hope yet for those awakened enough too see.’ The monk nodded and putting his hands together bowed forward in reverence and turned leaving.’ As he walked away she spoke again, ‘I had such high hopes for them. We gave them Eden and look what they have done. They have broken my heart.’ A tear ran down her cheek as the monk disappeared. His Sandals left no trace or tracks as he finally vanished from view. She then raised her sword aloft and recited an incantation that transitioned those hand picked to another dimension. Bracing her feet apart and locking her knees she then weaved patterns with her sword, like a conductor orchestrating a symphony. Tears now flowing hands trembling, she recited one last long incantation. In that moment global earthquakes ripped through continents, tornados tore through destroying towns and cities, tsunamis raced into shorelines breaking with awesome destruction over everything in its paths, and wild fires roared burning down all in its wake. Humanities screams echoed, resonating pain, hurt and suffering. On this most poignant of days, New Years Eve humanity was renewed a fresh in a different dimension as this warlike, violent, hateful, greedy humanity was sent into extinction. Earth would recover and new species would flourish as natures way insists. The Elemental Master paused in prayer before spreading her wings and flying into the cosmic void conjured up before her high in the now dark sky. She took one last look and bid the doomed humanity farewell.

Happy New Year


This year is at an end

A new one is set to begin

We can look back

But what is the point

The only moment is the present one

The future uncertain

But looking forward is positivity

Looking back means you miss stuff coming towards you.

In the end though I wish and hope

All the very best for everyone whether following or not

I prey that every aspect of your being

Is sated and that you achieve everything you set out too

And if you don’t then worry not it will come when the time is right.

Hold faith and share love and peace

Throughout the upcoming year.

Almost missed out on love


They almost missed each other

Drifting through a sea of friends

Almost lost each other by trying to pretend

To be completely different people

But once their eyes met

And their hearts skipped a beat

The only thing obvious

Was their authenticity

That drew them in close

And forged a genuine love

That left them needing each other so much

A match made in heaven

Created from love and light

Yet the almost missed each other that blessed night

Maybe synchronicity is the reason why

They were destined to meet on this wonderful night.

Via:Daily Prompt: Almost

A giant among men


He lived a life of inflicting no pain

He was kind hearted

People thought he was weird and strange

But he did no care and never would change

He had a heart made of gold

That could never be sold

He shared so much love

But never felt it was enough

He avoided any conflict

He just constantly smiled

Remained always at peace

Very rarely went angry or wild

He gave what he could

And never took

Except what he needed

And just for greed

He was in my eyes a giant among men

Full of sensitivity and tenderness

Filled with a soul of compassion and empathy

He is just what all humanity should aspire to be.

The beauty of love and life


The beauty of life and love

Acknowledging we don’t know much

The beauty of the conscious mind

When it’s been Spiritually refined

To see the positive in all

To see that love is unconditional

That peace and human unity

Is the only way to set us free

Is a dream to hold on to tight

Even through the darkest night

Even in your greatest fears

And through the flow of falling tears

Hold on to the beauty in life

Hold on the positive mind

Know that in our conscious mind

We can always find the love and the light.

My mantra of awareness



I am the present moment

Om mani padme hum

I am kindness

Om mani padme hum

I am love

Om mani padme hum

I am peace

Om mani padme hum

I am the soul of Buddha

I’m mani padme hum

I am his messenger

Om mani padme hum

To awaken minds

Om mani padme hum

To help transition

Om mani padme hum

To help transcend

Om mani padme hum

To open the third eye

Om mani padme hum

To heal humanity

Om mani padme hum

To help heal the planet

Om mani padme hum

And everything upon it

Om mani padme hum

For seekers of enlightenment

Om mani padme hum

For seekers of eternal happiness

Om mani padme hum

For seeks of the light.

Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust


In her chamber she sat among the red blood like mist surrounding her upon the floor in her black thigh high boots and stockings and her black tight bask setting off the whiteness of her skin. Her black hair tied back highlighting her wild ebony eyes and her red blood soaked lips. She sat in her gothic chamber feasting off the bodies of her victims, both male and female. She luster after the strong essence of men yet delighted in the delicate fragrance of the female form. Savouring the beauty of their sweet juices. She roared with delight as she devoured more and more. She felt the eternal power that their essences would supplement her with. Ripping and tearing, gnashing and biting. Her long fingers digging and diving into her feast, then moving to her mouth to be licked and sucked clean. So into her feast was she, that she never noticed the spirits of her victims crowding round and as their blood ran down her heaving ample white firm breasts, the grabbed her arms and pulled them wide, lifting as they did, then grabbed her legs pulling them wide apart as she struggled, writhed and twisted. She let out screams like a Banshee but still their grip held strong. Suddenly a black hole appeared in the wall of the gothic chamber and she found herself being pulled towards the void. Screaming and Roaring, cursing and shouting, her eyes wide open in wild fear and yet threats of damnation she felt the pull of the void, the power of its suction and I that moment she knew she was damned. Arching her back and through back her head she made one sudden lung to escape but the grip she was held in was the grip of death. Some say if you visit her chamber you can still hear the screams faintly today. The Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust paid for her evil deeds.

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Nocturnal being


Nocturnal living

Satisfaction in darkness,

Moving in shadows

Avoiding the light,

Not attention seeking

Residing in solitude,

With an appearance of vermisilitude

Of which many don’t believe

They think it’s paranormal

Or just illusory

Simply because it’s never been seen

A being of the darkness

Of nightmares or dreams

Whichever is the way

That you choose to perceive.

Knowing where we stand


Know that you will never be more wanted then when you have something that others need or benefit from.

Know that when you no longer have these things you will no longer be in demand.

Seek out those who want you even though you have nothing but want you just because you are you.

What did you say?


What did you say?

Was it something offensive?

I just ignored what you said

What you have to say

Means nothing to me

You cant make me feel bad that way

What did you say?

Was it something hateful?

I just ignored it anyway

I says more about you than me

So I won’t let it affect me

What did you say?

Was as negative as always

Well I guess I will just walk away

I don’t need something that toxic

Trying to infect me.