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Nocturnal being


Nocturnal living

Satisfaction in darkness,

Moving in shadows

Avoiding the light,

Not attention seeking

Residing in solitude,

With an appearance of vermisilitude

Of which many don’t believe

They think it’s paranormal

Or just illusory

Simply because it’s never been seen

A being of the darkness

Of nightmares or dreams

Whichever is the way

That you choose to perceive.

Knowing where we stand


Know that you will never be more wanted then when you have something that others need or benefit from.

Know that when you no longer have these things you will no longer be in demand.

Seek out those who want you even though you have nothing but want you just because you are you.

What did you say?


What did you say?

Was it something offensive?

I just ignored what you said

What you have to say

Means nothing to me

You cant make me feel bad that way

What did you say?

Was it something hateful?

I just ignored it anyway

I says more about you than me

So I won’t let it affect me

What did you say?

Was as negative as always

Well I guess I will just walk away

I don’t need something that toxic

Trying to infect me.

Lack of communication


Why did we not communicate

How we felt, what we wanted,

Before you walked out the door

Why did we not tell one another

That we needed more

Why is people never say what they mean

Until the other has walked out the door

Both frustrated and felt taken for granted

Both felt as if they were ignored

Both expecting to much from the other

But did nothing until the other walked out the door

Both felt a lack of appreciation

And lacking gratitude

Why is it people never say what they mean

Until the other has walked out the door

Why is it both desperately grieve

Because neither wanted to leave

Why is that they both couldn’t both sit down

And share there feelings

Why do people never say how they feel

Until the other walks out of the door

Why is it they will sacrifice what they’ve got

Rather than simply talk

Why are they willing to self inflict so much pain on themselves

Why is people never say what they mean

Until the other walks out the door

And they still don’t say it one another

They only tell family and friends

And that’s why some relationships end

Because they could not communicate with one another

So one walked out the door.

Good intensional living


Good intensional living

Heals and grows all things,

Builds up benevolence

Brings about unity,

That creates unconditional

Love, peace and compassion

Good intensional living

Is brought about

By conscious awareness

And mindful being.

You can’t hide


Do you believe

You can hide from me

Hide your light

Your love

Because I see

Your transparency

You cannot hide

Behind the things

You don’t need

Cover yourself up

In material things

But I still see through this

Because your light

And aura cannot be missed

Deny what I can see

Refuse to believe

But that’s because your asleep

I am going to awaken you

Show you what’s real and true

So you can see

There is much more to you

Than you even knew.

Mantra of being in the moment


My soul

My heart

I offer to the stars

My mind

My being

I let them be free

Sit in peace with me

Sit in love with me

My thoughts

I let go

My anxieties

I will not hold

My eyes

Are now clear

And only see the light

Sit with me in peace

Sit with me in love

My body

I feel heals

My chakra’s

They are cleansed

My spirit energy

Senses the creation

Within me

Sit with me in peace

Sit with me in love

Sit in meditation


Sit with me in peace

Sit with me in love