Show me your fire in your eyes

Look into my eyes and tell me what you fantasise I want to know Don’t hold back your secrets Let your imagination flow And tell me all the darkest pleasures of your soul Let everything finally go As you stare into my eyes I want to know The passion in your hear Let me seeContinue reading “Show me your fire in your eyes”

Help where you can

She said this to me Save me, Embrace me, Stop me falling Into decline, Save me I am in slavery, From my insane mind, Because I am so lost And I’ve paid a heavy cost, Of being mindless And living regardless Of all my intuitions And ignoring synchronicity Because I was blind And to ignorantContinue reading “Help where you can”

Magical moons

Blue moon, blood moon, Make my heart swoon, As I kneel on a hill top Paying homage to you, Feeling your power Feeling the awe, Feeling the surge As the blood races through the veins, Sensing the universe infecting my brain, Bringing about an endorphin rush Empowering me within a feeling of love, Beneath celestialContinue reading “Magical moons”

Love intensified

A love intensified I find Stimulates the heart and mind To hug, embrace and make love Surges happiness so much It invigorates and fills the soul Keeps you warm when days are cold And inspires passion and keeps the fire burning For love we must remain Always yearning.

Whatever turns you on

She said she’s been naughty, She told him she needs some punishment, He said he’s not normally in to that But for her he would interact, She said she needs a spanking, It took him totally by suprise But then he gave her she wanted, Then he saw the enjoyment in her eyes, It wasContinue reading “Whatever turns you on”

I see you, do you see me?

I see you See you suffering self doubt I see you What are you worrying about Your just fine It’s all in your mind You just got to learn to love yourself You’ve just got to believe in your self. I see you Treating yourself that way I see you Taking on everybody’s blame YouContinue reading “I see you, do you see me?”

Conveyor of bad news

I don’t wish to be The conveyor of bad news I don’t want to be The one to upset you But if things don’t change Extinction will come our way I don’t want to be The one spreading bad news Though the message is true Our time here is limited If we continue this wayContinue reading “Conveyor of bad news”


Pantheism is my realism With existentialism We escape the prison Of our domestication And our subjugation From this world of suffering Into a world of loving My arms are open wide Along with my eyes and mind I am living spiritual defined Because this is where I found the light This is where the loveContinue reading “Pantheism”

Morning thought

Waking up to a brand new day Greeting life in everyway Dreary morning it’s raining again But let’s other let that get in the way Of our hopes and our dreams today We need to be positive and acclaim That anything is possible That nothing is to great or small From making a difference inContinue reading “Morning thought”

We need more morality from those at the top

Honour and scruples Along with morality Is what we should all seek Within those who lead society We don’t need lies Or unscrupulous piety We don’t need corruption Or misguiding beliefs We need people with a vision Those with a dream Kindly people who care For the whole of society People with compassion And aContinue reading “We need more morality from those at the top”


Words matter.

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