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Show me your fire in your eyes


Look into my eyes and tell me what you fantasise

I want to know

Don’t hold back your secrets

Let your imagination flow

And tell me all the darkest pleasures of your soul

Let everything finally go

As you stare into my eyes

I want to know

The passion in your hear

Let me see the fire in your eyes.

Help where you can


She said this to me

Save me,

Embrace me,

Stop me falling

Into decline,

Save me

I am in slavery,

From my insane mind,

Because I am so lost

And I’ve paid a heavy cost,

Of being mindless

And living regardless

Of all my intuitions

And ignoring synchronicity

Because I was blind

And to ignorant to see or believe,

The spiritual surrounding me,

And I slipped in to debauchery

And now I hate myself,

Is there anything I can do to dave myself

And I said, ‘yes, it’s obvious’

And I told her to forgive herself

And be kind and love herself

Because if she does no one else will,

And no one’s ever perfect,

So trust it will be OK,

All she needs is to want better for herself in each and every way,

And I think it helped her

Because now she’s looking better everyday,

It just goes to show and prove how helping can bring about change.

Magical moons


Blue moon, blood moon,

Make my heart swoon,

As I kneel on a hill top

Paying homage to you,

Feeling your power

Feeling the awe,

Feeling the surge

As the blood races through the veins,

Sensing the universe infecting my brain,

Bringing about an endorphin rush

Empowering me within a feeling of love,

Beneath celestial glowing moons,

Share with me your magic and give me a boon,

To reach for the stars and reside there with you.

Love intensified


A love intensified I find

Stimulates the heart and mind

To hug, embrace and make love

Surges happiness so much

It invigorates and fills the soul

Keeps you warm when days are cold

And inspires passion and keeps the fire burning

For love we must remain

Always yearning.

Whatever turns you on

Whatever turns you on

She said she’s been naughty,

She told him she needs some punishment,

He said he’s not normally in to that

But for her he would interact,

She said she needs a spanking,

It took him totally by suprise

But then he gave her she wanted,

Then he saw the enjoyment in her eyes,

It was then he realised,

People have strange and weird cravings.

He recalled the memory,

Her bent her over his knee,

Lifted up her short tight skirt,

Warmed his hand upon her firm ripe cheeks,

Made them red but hoped it never hurt,

He found this unusual

But it seemed she was into this,

He then lifted her and they kissed,

He took her to her bed

And they achieved bliss,

Unforgettable moments like this,

He felt made life worth it

And she loved the way he spank her

And she loved how he treated her,

Dominating but in a caring way,

People you see are very strange

And can act in weird ways

But I won’t judge or complain,

Because it’s people like this who make life

A little more exciting

A little more enticing

It’s a subtle mix of spices

That makes life incredible.

I see you, do you see me?


I see you

See you suffering self doubt

I see you

What are you worrying about

Your just fine

It’s all in your mind

You just got to learn to love yourself

You’ve just got to believe in your self.

I see you

Treating yourself that way

I see you

Taking on everybody’s blame

You need to know

That you’ve no need to be ashamed

Your just fine

It’s just something that’s in your mind

Learn to love yourself

Learn to believe in you

Understand that all I say

Is the truth that I see in you.

I see you

Do you see me?

I am the one who believes in you

I am the one that is here for you

Believe in yourself like I believe in you.

Conveyor of bad news


I don’t wish to be

The conveyor of bad news

I don’t want to be

The one to upset you

But if things don’t change

Extinction will come our way

I don’t want to be

The one spreading bad news

Though the message is true

Our time here is limited

If we continue this way

Exploiting our earth the way we do

The resources aren’t unlimited

It’s resistance to pollution isn’t infinite

And cutting down all the tree will make it hard to breathe

So you need to see

The truth and the reality

Not the lies and the illusory

Spread by the men of greed.

I don’t want to be

The conveyor of bad news

I don’t want to be

The one who instills fear into you

But we need to change

For earth and humanities sake.

Via:Daily Prompt : Conveyor



Pantheism is my realism

With existentialism

We escape the prison

Of our domestication

And our subjugation

From this world of suffering

Into a world of loving

My arms are open wide

Along with my eyes and mind

I am living spiritual defined

Because this is where I found the light

This is where the love resides

Here is the optimum place for the conscious mind

Here we discover the reality

And cast aside the illusory.

Morning thought


Waking up to a brand new day

Greeting life in everyway

Dreary morning it’s raining again

But let’s other let that get in the way

Of our hopes and our dreams today

We need to be positive and acclaim

That anything is possible

That nothing is to great or small

From making a difference in life

And that we need to seek and shine the light

For our future can be bright

As long as we choose to live it right.

We need more morality from those at the top


Honour and scruples

Along with morality

Is what we should all seek

Within those who lead society

We don’t need lies

Or unscrupulous piety

We don’t need corruption

Or misguiding beliefs

We need people with a vision

Those with a dream

Kindly people who care

For the whole of society

People with compassion

And a sense of empathy

Putting people before bureaucracy

Or corporate greedy needs

We need people who understand

Their the peoples voice

No enforcers of their will and choice

Who understand they need to hear

Everybody invested here

Democracy is about government of the people

Correct me if I am wrong but it’s for the people

Not people in suits answerable to no one

If you think this is OK then democracy is done

And we simply should call it an oligarch state

Where the rich and the powerful decide everybody’s fate

And elections can be done away

As a fake system of deciding who rules us today.