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I believe in you


You stare into oblivion

Gazing into the darkness,

I see that look of concentration,

I witness your consternation

And feel your frustration,

At the futility if how you see your life to be,

You seem to have lost all belief

Not just in everything

But also in yourself,

And it’s wreaking havoc

With your mental health,

Please look away

Gaze in to the light,

See your potentiality,

Find your self belief and inner peace,

Stop fighting wars within yourself

And start to find the love,

Forgive yourself for you’ve done nothing wrong,

This is a love song

And I am sending it to you,

Its not your swansong

You’ve got so much more to do,

So just hang on and stay strong

I have been here with you all along

And I am not about to walk away,

So look away

From oblivion,

So look away

From the darkness

And look within and find the light I see in you

And believe that you can do all you want to,

I believe in you.

Beautiful you


Beautiful you

Amazing truth,

I look and see

The grace so pure,

I feel your warmth

I feel your love,

The light I see

Shining brilliantly,

I sense your frequency

Vibrating very gently,

Like a slowly babbling stream

I watch transfixed and amazingly,

At the flowing essence that I see

While sitting here

And gazing at your unbelievable

And wondrous beauty.

String theory

String theory

String theory

Where empty space

Plays strings of frequencies

Like a guitar playing

Wondrous beautiful melodies

Of a Latino style elegy

That makes me long

For things so spiritually

Of universal creativity

To lift me up to plains

That are resonating

And vibrating

On levels of existence

That speaks to me

Through musical notes

Which plays concordantly

With all creation

Helping to evolve our humanity

If we just listen to the songs

That space emits for those

With ears enough to hear

It’s uncomplicated

Tunes and strings of beauty

That have been playing

For all of eternity.

Stepping through quantum space

Stepping through quantum space

Treading plains of multiversity

Discovering ethereal plains of cosmic diversity

Living in shifting plains of existence

Quantum essences are always shifting

We ride meteorites which are drifting

Through never ending universes truly uplifting

Stepping through dimensional voids

Black holes closing in we avoid

For we’ve no desire to be destroyed

Astral trekking through star fields

Amazed by the way we can make time yield

To allow for inter dimensional travel

Being careful not to let our conscious mind unravel.

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Abusers are losers


An aversion to living

Well within the light

But a fear of dying

Like you think

You’ll get out of this alive,

In the end you find depression

Deep within your mind

The belief that this

Is never going to improve

And that somehow surviving

Is the best that you can do,

It’s a mindset of suffering,

Causing a chemical response

Within your brain

And it steers you off course

Land leads you away from light

And guides you in to darkness

You have to train your mind

Through inner peace

And mindfulness

And I know that this may be simplistic,

But you have to think outside the box

To find a life that’s realistic,

Shed the display of illusory

That led you to suffering

And left your mind confused,

The damage done by others

Through various abuse,

Says more about them

Then it will ever say about you,

So don’t succumb like they designed it too,

Reach out for the power, the light and the strength within you,

To get back on course to find your way

And discover light, life and happiness once again,

It’s your choice

Breathe in love

And say to those who abused you,

I have the power and the strength,

So you lose.

In the dim light of day


In the dim light of day

The smoke gets in the way,

Another pile of bodies

Lay bleeding on the streets,

Just another day in hell

Where people scream and yell

And we wonder and we ask ourselves

Why do they flee this place,

This humanitarian disgrace,

Where killing kids and women

Happens everyday,

It passes by on TV

We see it on the news,

Every fucking person,

In every fucking country,

Just seems to be immune,

To all the innocent who,

Are dying everyday,

Through no fault of their own.

Meanwhile its a daily life thing

When another bomb explodes,

Where’s our humanity

That we let this persist

And we barely think of it,

This life of hell some people are forced to lead,

It’s a shit stain on the whole of our species,

We have allowed things like these atrocities to carry on

And we’ve sanitised this murder for far too long

And its so wrong.

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Frozen outside

Frozen in time,

I need to find

Some warmth

Some love

And peace of mind.

Being frozen

It’s so hard to move,

I strive to find

My rhythm and groove

But I find it to hard to move.

I was so frozen

I felt so close to sleep,

Hypothermia eating

Away at me constantly

And being frozen

My spirit started flowing

And lifted me up above

The supreme Universal frequencies.

Emperors new clothes syndrome


How often are we led

Or manipulated to see others views

Convinced to go along with things

That we wouldn’t ordinarily choose

We need to take responsibility

For the life in@ which we all live

Ask more questions when things don’t seem to fit

I could wax lyrical about everything we perceive

But the truth is

When you don’t buy into what it is they sell

Then just walk away and leave

Rather than following other people’s dreams.

Plains of existence


We live on different ethereal plains of existence

Each slightly different from the next,

Each defined by whether, we turn right or we turn left,

Different choices takes us down different paths and roads,

Each experience designed by alternate matrix codes,

That respond to universal quantum physic nodes,

We need to know that when we die

It’s not the end of our journeys road.

I see it in your eyes


I see love in your eyes

And passion in your heart

I see a longing for so much more

Than you presently get from life

I see you craving stimulation

And a need for revelations

To break out from your shell

End this domesticated hell

Of the mundane that leaves you cold

Going prematurely old

I see the desire in your being

You are somebody that needs freeing

From a love invisible

You need to feel desirable

You need just to be valued

But you’re all you’ll ever need

For the answers are within you

But I will always be here for you

I am that friend that won’t take advantage of you

I am that one friend who is true

And I love you.