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Spiritual love


I share a love with you

That’s deep and powerful

I felt your breath upon me

And listened to your heart beat

I smelt your enticing scent

And tasted your sweet lips

Now I ask you to please join with me

So we can feel our spirits transcend

To a higher place and frequency

Where we can both go in so deep

That we get lost in the beauty

That is spiritual love.

This amazingly present moment feeling

This amazingly present moment feeling

I sit on a green mossy rock on the seashore

Feet planted firmly on to the warm granules sand

Feeling the grains slipping between my toes

Hearing the waves roar in to shore

And the wind blow

Rustling past me in refreshing sweeps

While watching the sea so amazing

As the waves roll in and out

Seeing the surf and the seaweed tumbling in the waves

And as the waves roll out

The stones roll back as if chasing back to the sea

As though that’s where they belong

Almost scared to be exposed.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye

From the edge of my tranquil and still mind

A dog races headlong

Races headstrong into the surf

And leaps and bounds and splashes

Before racing out again, manic and insane

I can’t help but smile and chuckle

Before returning to my conscious time

Aware of everything but in a mindful state

Looking out to where the blue sky hits the sea

On this picturesque horizon and landscape

Breathing in the sea air and almost tasting the salt

And feeling that nothing here and now can take away

From the resplendence of this present now moment

This wonderful moment on the beach

Yet on the edge of conscious living and life

Aware and connected to everything that exists

Becoming one with all.

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New Forest nature

New Forest nature

The sun shone in dappled rays

Through the branches and the Verdent green leaves

Shading me as I moved through these life giving trees,

A soft rustle reminding me of its bliss and beauty,

A deer breaks cover darts away

And leave me with a sense so amazing

Of being within the depths of nature,

As I see rabbits leaping and jumping

While squirrels at their play race around,

Running up, down and through the trees

This place is a wonderland to me,

The New Forest breathes ancient eldritch spirituality

That embraces and envelopes me

And leaves me free to inhale and exhale

Solitude and leaves me mindfully in stillness,

I sense that this will be here long after humanity

Ceases to exist as it did well belong mankind arrived

And tried to cultivate and exploit the wild that is nature,

That was established by our creator

To nurture and to love,

Which we don’t do enough of

So let me give you a simple warning,

If we hope to see each new day dawning,

We need to change our ways

And treat this beautiful amazing nature

In a far kinder way.

Via:Daily Prompt: Warning

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Pleiades dreaming

Pleiades dreaming

I took a cosmic trip

To the light fantastic,

To see my seven sisters

Pleiades feels like home from home,

I sensed and felt its calling

My spirit self it reaches out

To interact and commune

In universal converse

To understand pleiades ways

And realise we’re related

And this is where I originate

This is where I came from

This is where I resonate

These seven sister are family

I sense they are my kindred

We absorb each others essences

And share our energy

And as we do I am revitalised

I feel myself renewed

Then I join them in shining light bright

In glorified incandescence.

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Enlightened view


In our ignorance we believe we are on our own

We believe ourselves lonely and isolated

But the truth is we are not apart from everything

We are actually a part of everything

And all that we are all that is and ever will be,

Enlightenment is being able to see

That this is the true reality, from all of the ignorance,

Bred from domestication and conditioning

Yet we have managed to survive it

Holding onto love, kindness, compassion and peace

Being as strong as we can in future

Leaving behind being meek and weak

And finding the universal light we seek.

Hollow life


Hollow life

Empty of plight,

Vacant sight

An evil blight,

Powerless of might

With no foresight,

No understanding

Of wrong and right,

Tearful cries

And pointless sighs,

Anguish blotting

Out the light,

Lonely and cold

Abandoned in the night,

A simple betrayal

Of a miraculous life.

Satanic hole


I fell deep down into a satanic hole

Some people stated this was hyperbole

But the darkness and the slippery walls

Gave me no chance of purchase at all

And as I slithered down I saw horrific images

Dangerous metaphors and manifestations

Saw evil mechanations

Slaughter creatures and other abominations

Creatures suffering from genetic engineering

Monsters any sane person would be fearing

Screams from the insane I am constantly hearing

Threatening to send me the same way

As I fall deeper down into a grave

Of deepest despair and constant pain

Using my self doubt against me time and again

Using my lack of self love to restrain

Me from finding any gain

From this darkest place and what exactly lays

In the bottom of the hole, this foul smelling grave

I see those I’ve lost suffering in this place

The illusion it creates makes my life seem a disgrace

But I know better but it’s using doubt

And fear of the unknown to psych me out

I feel so vulnerable and also lost

I give up at my own cost

I look for a light then I plan my escape

But as I do I know I’ll never be the same

After seeing these images from beyond the grave

Satanic and dark in that evil place.