The growth wickedness

Society divides Then sub divides It does this constantly Time after time Like cells in the body But not the good kind More of the cancerous type And grows like a growth On the body of life Yet still we continue to divide Into enclaves Into to tribes Mistrusting each other Building up hate EncouragedContinue reading “The growth wickedness”

Mind of mine

Vanilla clouds drift across cinnamon skies On promenades immortal I sit wondering why, The ages of past lives don’t live on in the mind, Except deep in the subconscious within the mists of time, Whimsical notions of what may have been As I now wander through the saffron gardens, In search of the long lostContinue reading “Mind of mine”

Sort it out!

Sort it out That’s all I hear, At home at work It’s everywhere, Got a problem? Then put it on me Need something doing Then put it on me, Everyone moaning About what’s not done, Everyone else standing around, So much needs doing But only one me, I feel a slave to this life IsContinue reading “Sort it out!”

Never stop questioning

I hear questions like why did God desert us Is this case or did we desert God, Or is the atheist and nihilist right and true That God don’t exist it’s a ploy to control you, All these questions open up the mind Is biocentrism how conscious reality is defined, Or is it all likeContinue reading “Never stop questioning”


It never ceases to astonish me just how little we believe, that we are not alone in this universe, they say it’s nonsense there is no life out there, that if there was proof governments would share that information with us all, this kind of thinking is for arrogant fools, that in an unlimited universeContinue reading “Astonished”

We all bleed red

Systemic is fear Of different cultures, Endemic is the thought The colour classifies, I don’t see this as true But I see others do, The institutional hate That’s promoted time and again, I see the individual, I don’t put them in a box, I see the unique in all, I see everybody as one race,Continue reading “We all bleed red”

No good hanging on

Life is hard enough, Love can be harder, We can find someone That makes our heart beat faster But then you find they don’t feel the same And what you thought was a perfect fit, Is actually not the way, They don’t see it the same, They then choose to walk away And leave youContinue reading “No good hanging on”

I still hope

When I was younger I had this dream I would never die, That I would be immortal And that I have plenty of time And now I am older now, My mortality is clear to see And that time is running out But that doesn’t scare me, I still hope to shine my light IContinue reading “I still hope”

Blind to beauty

The true concept of beauty Is governed by the mind Filtered through the eye In a split second of time We know when something is beautiful And it happens in a single heartbeat It stops you in your tracks as you absorb it in But many lose this sight for they are distracted by manyContinue reading “Blind to beauty”


Words matter.

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