Days gone by

I remember those days gone by Running around in the sun beside A little babbling stoney stream Where we laid and shared our dreams We thought those summers would never end Those hazy days way back when So much of this life was so innocent Watching butterflies and spying bees Pollinating all the flowers weContinue reading “Days gone by”

Forgiveness feels like a rotted grave

She left him angry and alone Broken and in despair His heart a shredded bleeding mess His feelings for her were bitter They were toxic and cold As he felt the knife she had driven Deep within his lone dark soul The taste of aspic poisonous and rife Why had she destroyed him Why didContinue reading “Forgiveness feels like a rotted grave”

A retrospective moment

In a retrospective moment I reassessed my dreams Thought that maybe my hopes Go beyond the bounds of reality But in that heartbeat moment I refuted that idea What the point of having dreams If you the rein in how you feel Dreams are meant to be big And maybe a little bit surreal WhichContinue reading “A retrospective moment”

Journey of discovery

Search the quantum universe Search among the stars, Travel to far off destinations And to another multiverse, Seek and discover all you can In an effort to find yourself But know that this is all through yiut conscious mind In which everything is created and exists So when you go on this journey Through anContinue reading “Journey of discovery”

Opportunity is not knocking

I need to change things up Get a new job find a new career But all avenues of work don’t seem clear And age is against me I fear Though young at heart and attitude Opportunities are rare and few It’s great that I have a job Of this I must be thankful for ButContinue reading “Opportunity is not knocking”


Life can be disappointing But many things that disappoint us Disappoint us for a reason Rather than being down cast We have to seek the positives See there is a reason for everything And know that when the right thing comes along That will be the destination That we were waiting and holding on forContinue reading “Disappointment”

I speak out

I broach subjects Some may avoid But we have to try And breach the void And speak about Unspeakable things And face the terrible Awful acts and deeds That are to horrible to appease But to actually face The wrongs and crimes That people enact Within the shadows And the dark places Bringing into openContinue reading “I speak out”

Share the pleasure equally

I want to get close to you I want to see just what it is Your body can do Will you show me Will you tease me Will you put on a display for me Because I would appreciate Everything that you do You have an awesome body shape. Now if I kiss you AsContinue reading “Share the pleasure equally”


Words matter.

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