Monthly Archives: May 2018

Classy lady


Stiletto heels and seam lined stocking legs

With grace and bliss she was elegantly blessed

She could walk and glide as if on air

Making every man and woman who passed stare

She was the classiest lady of the vanity fair.

Days gone by


I remember those days gone by

Running around in the sun beside

A little babbling stoney stream

Where we laid and shared our dreams

We thought those summers would never end

Those hazy days way back when

So much of this life was so innocent

Watching butterflies and spying bees

Pollinating all the flowers we could see

And caterpillars feeding off leaves

These day gone by created memories

Of love and nature that are so dear to me

And your grace, bliss and beauty

Complimented everything and I swear

If I could I’d go back there and never leave

And remain forever and ever and share

The love of those days.

Forgiveness feels like a rotted grave


She left him angry and alone

Broken and in despair

His heart a shredded bleeding mess

His feelings for her were bitter

They were toxic and cold

As he felt the knife she had driven

Deep within his lone dark soul

The taste of aspic poisonous and rife

Why had she destroyed him

Why did she tear him limb from limb

And yet deep within he knew he should forgive her

But that would feel like a rotted grave

Where his carcass twisted and distorted is

Wracked with torment with a heart full of maggots

Feasting on him like a necrotising faciitis decay.

A retrospective moment


In a retrospective moment

I reassessed my dreams

Thought that maybe my hopes

Go beyond the bounds of reality

But in that heartbeat moment

I refuted that idea

What the point of having dreams

If you the rein in how you feel

Dreams are meant to be big

And maybe a little bit surreal

Which the makes how euphoric

You will one day feel when you achieve them

And suddenly make the real.

Broken world


Broken hearts

And broken dreams,

Reflect broken homes

And a broken society,

Of broken promises

And broken beliefs

We live in a world

Where everything is broken

And only love and light

Can heal it.

Via:Daily Prompt: Broken

Journey of discovery


Search the quantum universe

Search among the stars,

Travel to far off destinations

And to another multiverse,

Seek and discover all you can

In an effort to find yourself

But know that this is all through yiut conscious mind

In which everything is created and exists

So when you go on this journey

Through an astral mediative state

Remember you are still within the parameters of your conscious spiritual place.

Opportunity is not knocking


I need to change things up

Get a new job find a new career

But all avenues of work don’t seem clear

And age is against me I fear

Though young at heart and attitude

Opportunities are rare and few

It’s great that I have a job

Of this I must be thankful for

But travel and cost make things so hard

I need a change a brand new start

So I guess I just got to keep pushing on

Hoping something comes along

And offers up an opportunity

To show my talents and abilities.