Abusers are weak


Violence and abuse

The tools of the weak,

Insecurity leads

To dominant streaks

But on upon others

They see as vulnerable,

Never of those who show strength

It makes them feel wonderful,

The power they feel

Every time they mistreat,

Those they perceive as weak

Those they can dominate,

It masks their self hate

As well as the inner rage,

That they feel because they are angry

Because they are so insecure,

Because they themselves feel weak

And lack self love which is the root cause,

Of everything that they do

And what it is that defines them

And what it is that reminds them,

Just how powerless they over life

Totally impotent,

That’s how they feel

And rather than deal or get help for these problems,

They just use violence and abuse

To pretend that their power and strength is real

But it’s all an illusion

Their cowardly behaviour congeals

And causes their self decay,

As well as builds up their self hate,

When faced with a person of real power and strength

Then they just cower and hide themselves away,

Back within their shells,

Back in that place and that self imposed hell.

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