Gone Girl


Things only ever seem right to me

when I envision you in my dreams

the time that feels so precious to me

are those days when you are spent

within my embracing loving arms

so I wondering now where have you gone

it’s your right but I feel so alone

I just wished had clued me in

about when and where you would be going

not for to keep a check on you

you are a free spirit and so you flew

but it just would have been nice to know

now I miss you so much it’s hard to consol

my aching heart and my rambling mind

I hope where ever you are that you are having a good time

and those words are heartfelt from the soul

not me being bitter and trying to control

I have only ever wanted the best for you

I was just hoping that you knew that I loved you

enough to let you be yourself

to do what you want and with anyone else

I just wish you had the sight to see

it’s so much easier for me

to know where it’s is you have gone

and if your going to come back home some day

I love that you are free in every way

I would never take that away

but I just thought now

you have known

when your are not here this house is not a home

and I feel so alone

and I just wanted you to know

that i am missing you so.

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