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From a distance


Look from a distance at the Indian state

Not knowing why in such a holiest of spiritual states

Such bad things can be perpetrated

Against women with such venomous hatred

Gang rapes happing from day to day

Officials trying to excuse this in everyway

A country so full of intellectual people

So advanced and yet seemingly crippled

By a caste system and honour killings

Families torn about, this is what I’ve been reading

But as usual I question if it’s true

And it seems it is, where are good people like Nehru

Where is fairness where is compassion

Where is the love

My heart is with all of India that’s had enough.

The moment your heart broke


Do you remember the day your heart was broken

That day you realised the love and trust was gone

Do you remember how you felt your life was over

That of hopes and futures there was now none

Do you remember the tears and the utter sadness

And how it sent you into spiralling madness

How you never believed you could be happy or love again

And how you thought what others said would drive you insane

Saying you’ll get over it and heal and love beyond the pain

Do you remember lonely nights

Where you sat thinking where it all went wrong

Sat there listening to just sad songs

And how you thought your life was over

And your heart could not be fixed

And no one could tell you different

You could guarantee this.

A funny thing happened on the way to Mars


A funny thing happened on my way to mars

While astral travelling among the stars

I met some alien beings who were kind to me

And asked if I’d be interested in trying some moonbeams.

Now I am not one to ever take drugs

But they said it would induce cosmic love

And the moment that I took it I felt the whole of space spin

And saw a black hole into which I’d swim

And visit the multiverse at a frightening speed

And raced through asteroid belts that led me

Among a multitude of quasars

Surrounded by a cluster of shooting stars

Then as I watched this from what seemed afar

A supernova blew me straight to Mars

Where I shook my head and looked around at the stars

And made a vow then that if I saw any aliens at large

Don’t be taken in and try their pills

Because although it was a thrill

Of cosmic spills

It left me reeling and feeling somewhat dazed and ill.

Far away cave


I am gonna find me a cave

And gonna hideaway

Sit for a year and a day

And meditate on living in a conscious state

Of living in the present moment each day

And so if you wish to find me

You will have to search the caves

Of a place far away

Where solitude and bliss is an abundant grace

In this isolated place

I will meditate for a year and day.

Can’t sleep


A myriad of thoughts keep me awake at night

Because the duality of dark and light

The lessons I am learning

And the journey I am on

Keeps me up all night with messages that are so strong

Manifesting beliefs that keep me travelling to the zone

The spiritual zone of enlightenment

It’s keeping me awake like I am an itinerant of sleep

As if I am immune to it

Transcending all frequencies

Vibrating at higher levels conscious reality

I live in realms beyond l dreams

And maybe that’s the reason I can’t sleep.

Summer cooking


I sit at my table in the sun

Absorbing all natures love

Salad in bowl green and clean

Olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and feta cheese

A nice amount of iceberg lettuce

With a mixture of radishes and rocket

The BBQ going for those who want it

Some wonderful scented garlic bread

That’s just come out the oven so are nice and fresh.

I got another sitting too one side with the freshest fruit

Succulent to the eyes

Melon, nectarines and grapes

But then I spy

Strawberries and kiwi fruit

I love all of this kind of salad and fruit

And the smell of freshly baked bread

The smell reverberating in my head

Summertime days sipping orange juice in the sun

Laughing g with your family and and friends who have come

To savour the flavours of good food

And to see a wonderful garden in full bloom

Yes! I love these days.

New love feeling


That moment, when you first fall in love

You feel overawed by that feeling

You’ve found that missing piece

You feel like maybe life’s complete

And you feel that you can never now sleep alone

It resonates in every fibre and every bone

This feeling of love

Is the best feeling you’ve ever known

It’s taken you to the joy and pleasure zone

And you can’t bare to be with the one you love

And when you tried it’s like somebody cut a limb off

They’ve now become the air that you breathe

This love has fulfilled your every fantasy

It’s as if you found a new spiritual belief

And in this moment you’ve never been so happy.

Spectrum waves


We are the full spectrum of light

And we resonate and manifest in life

As every single colour

We’re like rainbow waves

Showering all our light upon

Life in every way

We are like a flower border

That is in full bloom an array

Of multifarious hues

Representing me and you

We cascade in different blooms

This my friends is the truth

So why discriminate or hate

When we just coloured spectrum waves

Created in our own conscious ways.

Little insignificant we


Little insignificant we

What do we believe

What is left when we’re gone

Nothing not even love songs

Little insignificant we

Are just illusions we see

Through our conscious reality

And we are no more

What is, is what will be

Nobody to overthink it

Nobody offering up belief

No more insignificant we

Means no more fear

Little insignificant we

Means no more cause

To fight any wars

No one left to think this

No one here repeat it

Little insignificant we

When we’re gone

Will leave the world in peace

To grow strong and wild

A renewed ecology

Little insignificant we

The last of our human seed

Little insignificant we

Extinction is our reality.

Step by step


Step by step

I walked a mile in your shoes

Step by step

I experienced the things you’ve been through

Step by step

I appreciate you

Step by step

I offer you my gratitude

Step by step

I worship every aspect of you

Step by step

Your story I’ve read and experienced

Step by step

It was one of hardship and torment

Yet you never gave in to it

And because of this I applaud you for this

Because you carried on living step by step.