Monthly Archives: Jul 2018

Long days


Up for work at 5am

I get back home at 6pm

This the story of my days

Long hard working

And thankless in everyway

But I pay the bills and get by

Keep the roof between my family and the sky

I’ve done this ever since I left school

And will probably do it until the day I die

I don’t go expecting any reward

There are millions out there

Doing this the same as me

It nothing special really

It’s what we have to do

Each day simply to survive

And dreams of life getting better

They seem like a lie

My father lived the same life

Up To when he got to 62 and died

Never got the chance to enjoy the retired life

The same maybe what’s in store for I

So I don’t dream of being retired

I simply focus on this present moment

And work out how I will get by

Welcome to my

And millions of other people’s life

Where every day is just all about getting by

Where every day is just all about struggling to survive.

End of the day


The sun is setting on another day

Another hard grind it’s just the way

I see the colours up in the sky

Pinks and purples, orange all beautiful by design

I sit and watch at this wonderful aspect of life

I see the moon readying itself

To shine a light now the sun has gone down

I am awaiting stars to appear up in the sky

I am awe struck by the up and coming night

And I see amazing things through my sight

And relishing the delight of everything.

Here I sit and dwell on a hillside

And all is well

Meditating on the combining night

Breathing in nature

And breathing out love

Breathing in goodness

Breathing out light

Seeing the universe

Created by my mind

Living this glorious life defined

By the duality of dark and light

Of sunlight and moonlight

Of day and night

It’s time too appreciate this night and life.

Do it now!


Do this for me

Do that for

Do everything I need

Because I am so demanding

This attitude is alarming

But I face it everyday

These people give me no break

Attention is what they crave

And the need to get their own way

While they do nothing for themselves

And precious little to help

Yet somehow we’re supposed too

Do all this stuff for them

But I don’t remember when

They’ve done anything

For anyone other than them.

Aggravating , agitating

Infuriating, frustrating


Be as Industrious as the bee

Be as Industrious as the bee

Work like a bee

Industrious as can be

Work to pollinate

Our society with vitality

Work on boosting

And promoting beauty

Through inducing

Spirituality into all you see

Be like a worker bee

Industrious as you can be

Pollinating goodness and love

Kindness and compassion

Work on life with a fertile action

To spread peace and light

With an overwhelming passion

And help all the maintains

And sustains grow

Into wonderful magic.

Work your mind


Work your mind

To be intrepid

Work your mind

Increase your perspective

Work your mind to be succinct

Push it to expand

Far beyond the brink

Work your mind

Like you work your body

Until its fit and beautiful

Work your mind

You can make it sexy

To others who are unsuspecting

Suprise people in every way

Keep them guess about you every day

Work your mind so it’s unpredictable

Work your mind

And heed the call

That a trained and healthy mind

Is actually more creative and appealing to all.

Working your body


Perspire for me

I need to feel sweat

Work yourself for me

Until your out of breath

Rise up and then go back down

Work your body

Until you feel yourself shaking

And feel your muscles trembling

Until you’re weak at the knees

Do this over and again for me

There is no rush

There’s time a plenty

I want you running on empty

Pleading for it to stop

Because you can’t take anymore

But what’s a fitness instructor for.

More than just a body


Smile for the camera

Be an Instagram hit

Flaunt and flirt

Your beauty

Show your body

That physical gift

No needs for words

When you got it going on

Piling up the likes

Shows this displays not wrong

Yet something in your eyes

Gives away

That being on display

And reading the lecherous comments

Means the gloss has faded away

Realising you are prized

For how you look and nothing more

Has created in your mind a war

You want to be so much more

More than just a delicious treat

For men to want to see

To fulfill their fantasies.

Caged love


Cages were not built for trying to hold onto a love you fear to lose

No matter how pretty they maybe covered gold and decorated leaves

Shining bright in filigree from within

Nobody wants to be locked up in a cage

So set them free and watch them fly again

And you will marvel at their beauty and their grace

And wherever they go and whatever they do

They’ll come back to you

Because you allowed them to be free

Set aside your own insecurities

You let them explore everything that’s out there

Let them open new doors they’ve never been through before

And if you told them they are are wanted and always welcomed

Right back here at home

They will always return

Because you gave them what you yearned

Their freedom from the cage.

Breathing in time


I breathe in and out in time with you

We close our eyes so we become attuned

Interconnected in everything we do

I am right here for you

I won’t let you go

We both breathe deep breaths at the same time

We both synchronise into one mind

Our bodies become as one

We are unified

We connect in love

Through our meditation.

Take me to your leader


I sat under a starry sky

Then something flashed

Out the corner of my eye

It was a light that zipped

All around, just above ground

Then in a split second

And without a sound

It was right above

And a beam of light

Levitated me upward

And suddenly the night

Was replaced with white

Clinical walls

Apparently they heard my call.

I was approached by aliens big and small

They offered me the chance to take a ship tour

Before I knew we were among the stars

Drifting among a host of alien bars

I said take me to your leader

We need to meet

I need to talk and need to see

If there is any chance for humanity

And my earth and all the other species

And he retorted in an alien twang

That sound as if he had almost sang

That the only hope lays in each of us

Discovering and sharing our ability to care and love

Then after a few drinks

And after drinking enough

They returned me back to earth to share the news

But they just locked me in a padded cell and called me a loon.