Grind, our a life

Another hard week over Another week of toil It’s hard everyday working and flogging yourself But there is nothing else to do It’s the way has to be to pay the bills And I appreciate being employed But it’s hard work grafting at a job When it’s w egg iting that I really enjoy SoContinue reading “Grind, our a life”

Watching beauty from a park bench

I sat in the park watching people as they pass And the you jogged by Nice and steady not fast A beautiful creation clad in super tight fitness clothes That put you fit sexy figure right out there on shoe You hair tied up and sun glasses on you looked so good to me IContinue reading “Watching beauty from a park bench”

Can you hear me

I see you among the stars Can you hear me though I know we’re miles apart, I lay here staring up at the night Can you hear my breath As my imagination takes flight, My heart beats and my heart flows Can you feel this deep one love grow Touching everyone inspiring love in themContinue reading “Can you hear me”

She is the riot girl

She was a riot She was never quiet There was never any silence When she was around She brings the colour She brings explosions She is the riot girl And she’s always glowing Like a red hot fire And she busts into light Just like a firework display She is a cosmic universal array SheContinue reading “She is the riot girl”

Big man

Big man Big bully What are you going to do When the truth Catches up on you, Big man Big bully You are not so bright Do think aggressiveness Could ever truly be right, Big man Big bully What are you going to do When your whole world Comes falling in on you, Big manContinue reading “Big man”

Make your moments count

We all have our moments We all have our time, We all have an inner light That we should shine, Brighter than we ever have Much more than we knew, I am not perfect but nor are you. So if can find our way to find the middle ground Then we will hear the wisestContinue reading “Make your moments count”

To lose nature

I would rather give up a thousand lifetimes Than to live without natures beauty I breaks my heart seeing trees cut down Elephants and rhinos Gorillas and tigers close to extinction Oh! to live without the green and pleasant swathes of nature Would be like not living at all.

An observer of you

I watch you move I watch you glide I watch you laugh I watch you smile Should I approach Or just observe I love your beauty And your curves I love the warm your form flows I like where your mind goes I live your independent ways You’re existential in every way I watch andContinue reading “An observer of you”

Lost in technology

Kids lost in technology Kids faces are glued to screens Focused on playing games Or social media to the extreme Reading is alien to them As well as for some going out playing Their mind is dumbed Their compassion numb But some people say this is not wrong But they’re being exposed to so manyContinue reading “Lost in technology”

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