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Grind, our a life


Another hard week over

Another week of toil

It’s hard everyday working and flogging yourself

But there is nothing else to do

It’s the way has to be to pay the bills

And I appreciate being employed

But it’s hard work grafting at a job

When it’s w egg iting that I really enjoy

So I rest up over the weekend

Which I know will go by to quick

I just have to keep on going

I have to simply to exsist

It’s a hard life when your faced with the grind

Of a day to day harsh life.

Watching beauty from a park bench

Watching beauty from a park bench

I sat in the park watching people as they pass

And the you jogged by Nice and steady not fast

A beautiful creation clad in super tight fitness clothes

That put you fit sexy figure right out there on shoe

You hair tied up and sun glasses on you looked so good to me

I watched you pass me by same time same place

Every day that week

Then finally you slowed to a walk and then sat next to me

And enquired if I enjoyed staring at her lustfully

I stammered stuttered to find some words

That might refute her words

I thought that maybe I should act as if I had been hurt

But instead I spun it on its head and said she was such an amazing view

And admitted she lit and rose up day from the darkness and the gloom

She took her sunglasses off and I saw her beautiful eyes

I said you’re as sexy a and fit as and I can’t even lie

She smiled and said would you have the stamina to conquer me

And I said I have no idea but I would give it a real go

So she stood up and pointed to some flats over the way

She told me she was going home at that I was welcome to join her

For a little touch and play

Needless to say I didn’t hesitate

The thoughts of getting my hands on her beautiful body was driving me insane

And shows it pays to be straight and honest

When caught ogling this way

But I agree it could have ended up going bad that’s the risk I chose to take.

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Can you hear me


I see you among the stars

Can you hear me though I know we’re miles apart,

I lay here staring up at the night

Can you hear my breath

As my imagination takes flight,

My heart beats and my heart flows

Can you feel this deep one love grow

Touching everyone inspiring love in them

Can hear me every night when I am calling

I am enveloped by the beauty of the stars

I am entranced by the glowing of the moon

Can you hear my heart beating

Can you hear me calling

I am calling out to the universe

I am sending and sharing my love

The great one love, that goes out to all

Can you hear my impassioned love call.

She is the riot girl

She is the riot girl

She was a riot

She was never quiet

There was never any silence

When she was around

She brings the colour

She brings explosions

She is the riot girl

And she’s always glowing

Like a red hot fire

And she busts into light

Just like a firework display

She is a cosmic universal array

She is the riot girl

And time and time again

I watch her rise to the occasion

And she always burns

Like the brightest flame.

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I am just a love song


I am just a love song

A walking talking love so

I am a love that’s so strong

I am that love that lasts long

I am just a love song

A love that can’t be undone

I am just a love song

That can never be broken.

Big man


Big man

Big bully

What are you going to do

When the truth

Catches up on you,

Big man

Big bully

You are not so bright

Do think aggressiveness

Could ever truly be right,

Big man

Big bully

What are you going to do

When your whole world

Comes falling in on you,

Big man

Big bully

Understand you’re a fool

Thinking that your actions

Will never comeback on you.

Make your moments count


We all have our moments

We all have our time,

We all have an inner light

That we should shine,

Brighter than we ever have

Much more than we knew,

I am not perfect but nor are you.

So if can find our way to find the middle ground

Then we will hear the wisest words

That are so profound,

So just take your time

And you will find

Everything will be alright.

As we start to transcend

Above this ordinary place of suffering,

So when our moment comes do not waste that chance,

Take center stage and be that miracle

And the star that is always free,

And to be understanding everything in the end,

Will be ok my friend

As we learn to comprehend,

We’re all love and light that transcends,

To something a whole lot more than this.

To lose nature

To lose nature

I would rather give up a thousand lifetimes

Than to live without natures beauty

I breaks my heart seeing trees cut down

Elephants and rhinos

Gorillas and tigers close to extinction

Oh! to live without the green and pleasant swathes of nature

Would be like not living at all.

An observer of you

An observer of you

I watch you move

I watch you glide

I watch you laugh

I watch you smile

Should I approach

Or just observe

I love your beauty

And your curves

I love the warm your form flows

I like where your mind goes

I live your independent ways

You’re existential in every way

I watch and love how you express

I love the style in which you dress

Classy yet sometimes short

And often tight

As if your body needs to be highlighted

I watch you study

I watch you work

Success is what you deserve

I watch and wish that I could kiss

Those glossy tempting lips

I watch and admire your grace and bliss

There’s not a moment of you that I want to miss

I love the fact that you are free

Like a bird of flight in tranquility

I’d never cage or control you

That would be the worse thing that I could ever do

Because when you fly you shine bright

And you light up every inch of my life

So I sit and simply observe

And dream of me an you

I know its absurd

But the thought you may not want too

Would truly end me and leave in a world of hurt.

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Lost in technology

Lost in technology

Kids lost in technology

Kids faces are glued to screens

Focused on playing games

Or social media to the extreme

Reading is alien to them

As well as for some going out playing

Their mind is dumbed

Their compassion numb

But some people say this is not wrong

But they’re being exposed to so many lies

Perpetrated by all the political sides

The z rated celebrities with their own channels

Fill the voids of the pointless annals

Talking about stuff not important at all

Like is Kim kardashian’s butt big or small

And is Kanye West a genius or a fool

Has society lost its way within the technology game

I zen the fuck out just to escape

From all of this technology

I am encouraged to embrace it in every way

But as a resources tool and a way to connect

To share the love and share wisdom

And spread words of tolerance and unity

And putting out a message that we are all free

So to express our thoughts of equality

As well as believing in the right to agree and disagree

Without feeling the negative needs to hate on other

Who view things differently

So there are many facets to technology

And works best when used creatively

But do kids understand these things

Or is Fortnite the pinnacle and the peak

Of what kids can disseminate from this technology.

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