Our anthem is love


The anthem of my life

Is knowing we all see things from different eyes

But that we should all see the humanitarian plight

That truth is we need to shine a light,

Find our wings and take to flight

And share a global iridescent love light,

That brightens even the darkest night

And keeps people safe from harm,

Fly missions of love to combat those who fly dropping bombs,

Our bombs will be love bombs

Creating love and peace not hate pain and destruction,

Our flight will ensure we drop bombs of kindness and compassion,

Helping those who are without and starving

We will show people that there is love yet,

We will reawaken those who forget

That light and love is all we need to put an end to misery,

So when people see us overhead instead of feeling fear

Will feel hope from the rediscovered love,

Will learn to dream again of a better world

Because they were touched

By the hand of compassion kindness and peace,

This is an anthem we all must repeat

Love for all humanity,

We need compassion, kindness and peace to believe

We can change all the hurt we see

And learn to live beautifully

In a world of wondrous equality and spirituality,

Through our own determination to achieve a better humanity

And restore all human beings sanity,

To help us find a world of love in which we can all believe

Will help us evolve to higher frequencies,

So that we can discover the extent of love in unlimited within you and me.

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