Madness reigns


Madness is state of mind

An affliction if those who are blind

Who have liquidated all their dreams

Sacrificed the normal being

Or is this just another lie

Maybe madness is a state of the noble mind

That understands being normal is a waste of time

For in madness there is so much more to find

Through synchronicity we find the signs

That lead here, there and everywhere

At the same time

Where everything is up and down

Where everything is noisy, yet there are no sounds

Chaos reigns in a transparent town

We can shrivel up and fade away quietly

Or bow out living life loud

One of the popular types

One of the in-crowd

Living brightly, living proud

Or maybe humbled, meek and cowed

Madness is they say not allowed

But we don’t and never follow any rules

Because normal states is a state for fools

And we are crazy as shit in here

And nothing is ever as it appears

In this world where we know no fear

Yet are still crying insane tears

Of laughter which makes it obvious and clear

We’ve no clue what’s going on here.

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