No fashion follower


I’ve never been a fashion follower

Or a follower of trends,

Never been dictated to how I should dress

I was an anarcho, punk, hippy and felt blessed,

Wore what I liked and loved to protest

Stood up for animal rights and for CND protesting for peace

I have always fought for equality

So how I looked and what I dressed was not so important see

It was all about the message and what I believe

But to me dressing is all about being unique

And I do it to show that I live existentially

And those who do not like it

I perceive don’t really matter or count to me

These are the same people who have and will always attack me

For being and acting differently

And mocking me for living my life spiritually

But that’s just fine by me

Because I am my own man

And I really do not require you or crave you to understand

Because I am authentic to me.

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  1. I completely agree with you that “dressing is all about being unique”. I have been blamed for years that I am not a fashion follower, but I do not believe that the clothes make the man. Congratulations for the beauty and sincerity of your lines and being your own man!

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