The tale of slum living

The tale of slum living

Cracks in the ceiling letting in light

Gaps in the floorboards causing blight

Night terrors as I sleep give me a fright

Demons in the corners just beyond sight

Fungus on the walls accompany damp rot

Darkness overtakes this place and never stops

I am told I should be grateful for my lot

Always being told there are more worse off

But it’s hard living in a slum with not a lot

Where the drain drips through the roof drop by drop

And the puddles on the floor can be heard as we splish and splosh

Hard for some to understand why I don’t sleep a lot.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Curious about the welfare of Americans, I looked up the average savings for Americans today…what I read was devastating!$1000-$5000,one third of the population.Many portions of the UK as well. People are working overtime and still unable to move up in some kind of ease and comfort. Dislike the word slums, projects, because people live there with hearts,and souls, and dreams! This piece of writing is a tear jerker.

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    • Thank you very much, its tough for anyone expected to live like this and do. Constantly judged and blamed for doing it to themselves but they invariably don’t. It’s just where they end up. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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      • You’re welcome! And I do understand! Chin up..back straight.. character in tack…take the bull by the horns and fight for humanity’s outcome! That is who you are, no dwelling defines who we are! The best of homes,mansions, hold the many hidden secrets…

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