Bigger strides needed


I feel it breathe

The planet beneath my feet

I feel its respiration

As it heaves slowly in and out

Tired of all of humanities destruction

As well as all the overpopulation and over construction

Putting a stress on all of its resources

And it’s a strain that will see humanity go towards extinction

In a quicker time than it took for dinosaurs

As we destroy ourselves through pollution and war

And the earth suffers under the weight of this

Being pushed ever closer to the breaking point

Why do we not see the importance of this place we live

And nurturing and sustaining everything

Including other species as well as the air we breathe

And we need to on much further and much harder than we have so far

We’ve taken small steps but we start to take much bigger strides

Towards a greener brighter future

Full of colourful delight.

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