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We are all flawed

We are all flawed

We let ourselves down

When we let down others

But it doesn’t give anyone

The right to judge us

Nobody is perfect

In a world that’s flawed

So why fall on your own sword

Just to appease the hypocrital hoard

Who are envious because your adored.

No love


She could of loved him

She thought she would live him

But fate intervened

And it seemed it was not meant to be

For she could not trust him

Because of what others said

But others words were filled with envy

And so much of her life had become so absurd

Simply because she allowed others

Play a part in influencing her

In truth he was a good man capable of trust

And as a result there was between them no love.



Decadence is the cause of a loss of life

The autopsy will discern just why

Because of the lunatics in the asylum

Feeding off greed and feeding us lies

Causing wars, hatred and poverty

From their twisted minds disease

Being allowed to get away with just what they please

But nows the time to awaken

And be existential and free

And to learn the very important lesson you’re your own authority

We need no others imposing on us their will

From the minds created by all societies ills.

The uprising

The uprising

We are seen as the underworld and the underclass

Equality is not seen to be for us

By those up in the upper-classes

Who prefer to keep us under them

So what is left except rebellion

I don’t want violence or revolution

That encompasses force like that they use

I prefer to use intelligence and I choose

To use ink and words to get my message through

Prefer to use my thoughts and wisdom

To tell and show people the truth

And expose to them the breaking news

That change can and must happen

And it will benefit both me and you

Level the playing field and give all an equal chance

And opportunities denied to us in truth

The corruption and greed has to end

And so this is the message I send

Change the game and change the rules

Or we will step up and userp you

Overthrow your rotten crumbling system

Smash the Pillars and bring down your walls

Kick you out of your ivory towers

No more being manipulated and used as your tools

Refuse to change and see what happens

We will despose each and every one of you

Who uses this system to make all these unfair rules.

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Be unique

Be unique

We care to much about being seen to do the right thing

And being seen to comply and fit in,

So we fail to act authentically

And we often stifle the real self,

Breakout of the defaults and your preprogrammed presets

And never be afraid to be different and unique.

Problem or solution

Problem or solution

Ask yourself the question

Are you an exploiter or polluter of this planet

Or are you a defender and saviour of it.

If you are the former then you are the problem

If you are the latter you are the solution.

We need a solution based humanity

Not a problem based one.

Love is the root

Love is the root

The more you love the brighter you shine

The brighter you shine the more you attract

The more you attract the greater you grow

The more you grow the more you evolve and transcend

Love is the root to all things.

Walking in footsteps of giants

Walking in footsteps of giants

We walk in the footsteps of great men, visionaries, legends and God’s. Now let that sink in a moment, absorb it and the ask, am I doing enough to with my life to emulate or them or to give reason for them to view us as worthy of their great feats. Be more than you are, go further than you’ve ever been, be a giant among people.



The past is a shadow best left behind

But used as lesson that’s grown in the mind

The future is unknown and can’t be foretold

So live in the present heart and soul

And share you love and light in the best way you know.