Monthly Archives: Oct 2018

Be true about all you do


You have to one day face your final life review

And be held accountable for all you chose to do

But not by those who lie, gossip, judge or try to blackmail you

They by doing this become far worse than you

Only you at your final review will judge everything you chose to do

And there will no getting away from the ultimate truth

So be honest, open, transparent and true

Own it and show your responsibile

For that which you chose to do

And admit the flaw that plagued them

Then you know you’ve learnt and understoodp

That their is always room for salvation and truth

That sometimes you have to pay the price of admission

But if you are open and honest with your submission

And take responsibility for all of your decisions

And in the end in this way you’ll be OK.

No return on the sacrifices


Risk or give your life for them

See how little you get in return

The truth that is hard to take

The promises they make are fake

God, Queen and Country

They say this worth dying for

Yet in return see what is returned

Absolutely fuck all

So why go fight their wars without a good cause

It’s only for power and for greed

Off to kill other innocent people

Just the same as you and me

Who are caught up in the middle

And who haven’t got the time

To be bothered with any of this shit

Until the time when unsuspecting

The bombs and bullets hit.

Lucid but not for long


I have lucid moments at times

But fortunately the are very few

And very far between

And soon I find myself delving back

Into my conscious dreams and fantasies

And people say I need to get real

But maybe what they think is real is illusory

And what I feel are magical fantastic dreams

Are actually my conscious reality.

Tired of life at times


Tired of life at times

I drag myself through life,

I feel like maybe it’s too hard

And often I feel cursed,

Everytime things go right

Things seem to then go sour,

Through the depths of my tired mind

To find something positive

And discover the light,

And the source from where it shines

It’s a struggle to find within,

My motivational powers

Inspiration dissappears,

And I find I have to scour

My soul and heart for love

But as till as times I think to myself

That it I’ve had enough

As life seems to get too much.

Magic of the night


Magical lights illuminate the sky

Mystical thoughts dance through my mind

A cadenza plays a symphonic display

As fireflies swarm across my gaze

I let myself just drift and float away

On a cloud of beautiful light rays

And stars add sparkles as a backdrop

And we dance way among the cosmos

And we couldn’t stop even if we want too

Because these moments are way to few

I want ignite love in a display of fireworks

So stand back as I light the fuse

I cannot hold back my excitement

There nothing else right now I’d choose

To be carried away on light and dreams

To have the hope of fantastic scenes

As they all appear before me

Watch as I am consciously exploding

As magical seeds of universal light I am sowing

In a cascade of pure visionary delight

I find myself basking in the magic of the night.

Reject greed and live environmentally friendly


They frack away

And say that the blame

For sizemic tremors are not their fault

Even though there was absolutely none before

And it’s all about the money so they don’t care

And the government shares

In the culpability for acting irresponsibly

But the they don’t care about this earth

It’s all about the money

Do when the ground shakes

And the tremors rumble

They refuse to own the blame

And say we must change the scale

To whitewash the facts

But the truth is there g or all go see, they simply lack

The ability to listen to the people

They just disregard us

And we have got to make more noise

And kick up a bigger fuss

And show them that if they don’t listen we’ll kick them out

And not allow them to use tax cuts to bail themselves out

Because life has to be at some point

More than just about greed and money

We have learn to be more environmentally friendly

If we ever truly want to prosper as humanity

So put earth first and reject the greed

And Unify and stop their games

Of making nature bleed

And stop their destruction of a ll the beauty we see.