Be true about all you do

You have to one day face your final life review And be held accountable for all you chose to do But not by those who lie, gossip, judge or try to blackmail you They by doing this become far worse than you Only you at your final review will judge everything you chose to doContinue reading “Be true about all you do”

No return on the sacrifices

Risk or give your life for them See how little you get in return The truth that is hard to take The promises they make are fake God, Queen and Country They say this worth dying for Yet in return see what is returned Absolutely fuck all So why go fight their wars without aContinue reading “No return on the sacrifices”

Lucid but not for long

I have lucid moments at times But fortunately the are very few And very far between And soon I find myself delving back Into my conscious dreams and fantasies And people say I need to get real But maybe what they think is real is illusory And what I feel are magical fantastic dreams AreContinue reading “Lucid but not for long”

Tired of life at times

Tired of life at times I drag myself through life, I feel like maybe it’s too hard And often I feel cursed, Everytime things go right Things seem to then go sour, Through the depths of my tired mind To find something positive And discover the light, And the source from where it shines It’sContinue reading “Tired of life at times”

Magic of the night

Magical lights illuminate the sky Mystical thoughts dance through my mind A cadenza plays a symphonic display As fireflies swarm across my gaze I let myself just drift and float away On a cloud of beautiful light rays And stars add sparkles as a backdrop And we dance way among the cosmos And we couldn’tContinue reading “Magic of the night”

Reject greed and live environmentally friendly

They frack away And say that the blame For sizemic tremors are not their fault Even though there was absolutely none before And it’s all about the money so they don’t care And the government shares In the culpability for acting irresponsibly But the they don’t care about this earth It’s all about the moneyContinue reading “Reject greed and live environmentally friendly”

I’d rather be good

It often seems like being bad pays more than being good, But I prefer to settle for less, than live a life misunderstood, For I’ve never wanted to hurt or cheat anyone, For I’ve never wanted to cause any pain or distress, For residing in happiness rests in goodness of mind Because residing in blissContinue reading “I’d rather be good”

It’s magical imaginings

Hold on tight As we go faster than the speed of light Like neutrinos we are both in flight Travelling the universe like magic Let’s enjoy this and make it our habit And let’s travel at the speed of light through nature As bosobing all that’s good and giving back life giving nutrients We canContinue reading “It’s magical imaginings”

Let’s show them

Let’s stand together And let’s stand strong Against all greedy and wrong governments Let’s stand against their force a n d power To avoid a future doomsday hour Let’s show its the people with the power Let’s show them our strength in numbers Let’s show them we found the love And that peace and harmonyContinue reading “Let’s show them”


Words matter.

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