Stop the arguements

I am fed up with all the arguements

About race, gender and about faith

White, black, man, woman, and everything else people choose to be

About being Christian, Jew or Muslim

About left or right politically

It’s all so ignorant, negative and so futile

As we are simply all a part of one human race

We should all be able to get along

All be helping and supporting

Each other like the family we are

Stop the arguments at large

And connect and share the love and kindness

Accept people for who they choose to be

Or what they wish to believe

Or the colour that nature selected for them

It makes no one lesser human beings

We need to be more tolerant and compassionate in feelings.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

14 thoughts on “Stop the arguements

  1. First, we need to be free. Free from holding any opinion or idea too strongly. When there is a clenched fist, there is no room for compromise or open discussion. If at least one side is open and free from the burden of owning ideas to a fault, there is possibility of movement to some harmony. Not being bound is far more comfortable than all the tightness of being so right.


  2. Exactly. The world is becoming more radicalized in both directions. Why can’t we get along and focus on the people. I love the line “Accept people for who they chose to be”

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