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I’d rather be good


It often seems like being bad pays more than being good,

But I prefer to settle for less, than live a life misunderstood,

For I’ve never wanted to hurt or cheat anyone,

For I’ve never wanted to cause any pain or distress,

For residing in happiness rests in goodness of mind

Because residing in bliss means being of good heart,

So let you light shine on all and care for all those you meet

Life is not about trying simply to beat,

Any of your friends to the best things in life,

Combining and joining up is always the right

Thing to do and helps you too

Share all this good fortune,

That feels better than being miserly and keeping it all to yourself.

It’s magical imaginings


Hold on tight

As we go faster than the speed of light

Like neutrinos we are both in flight

Travelling the universe like magic

Let’s enjoy this and make it our habit

And let’s travel at the speed of light through nature

As bosobing all that’s good and giving back life giving nutrients

We can fly through it like magic

Lets enjoy this moment and then make it a habit

Let’s fly through love and feel it flowing

In and out heart and leave our souls growing and glowing

Let’s be an open conduit for love and its experiences

We can fly through it like magic

Enjoy every moment of it and make it a habit

This could be our life

Filled with magic

Wholly self created

Through conscious minds and open hearts

Open eyes no longer blind

And gilded with imagination

That we can all define as magical times.

Let’s show them


Let’s stand together

And let’s stand strong

Against all greedy and wrong governments

Let’s stand against their force a n d power

To avoid a future doomsday hour

Let’s show its the people with the power

Let’s show them our strength in numbers

Let’s show them we found the love

And that peace and harmony is more than enough

With no God’s No masters

And lead future generations on to greener more evolved pastures.

She needed her a spine to tingle

She needed her a spine to tingle

It’s a dark night of many screams
At least that is what happens in her dreams
But she knows this is not reality
To many scary books and horror films
But she is addicted to this theme
And she wakes from her night terrors
Covered in sweat and with a wide eyed stare
Only to realise as always all is ok
She laughs as she thinks I made it through another day
Her swear drenched top made her breast display
Round and succulent and they slightly swayed
As she walked go the fridge in her tight bedtime leggings
Her long blonde hair damp and her face flushed
What she needed now was a cold drink
A sensual touch
And something more spine tingling
Such was her addiction to fear and terror
Which made her weirdly very horny.
She opened the fridge door cast light into the dark night
Took out as bottle of drink and gulped on it
She shut the door, there was a bang
It was her cat jumping from the table
Knocking something to the floor
That made her heart race a bit faster.
She went to the sofa and turned on the TV
Watched an erotic type horror movie
As watched her hands wandered
One under her top the other between her thighs
And as she played and created a ryhthm
Laying her head back she felt the fur of the cat
Brushing against her face and felt its breathe
Which she decided was ok
Eyes closed she got nearer and now was at the point of no return
And as her back arched and body squirmed
Getting off she now yeaned
But then she felt a tongue lick her neck
Her eyes opened startled, ‘what the heck’, she said
But one arm clamped around her chest
Another gripped her between the tighs
And out of the corner of her eye
She saw a grisly hairy demon with a long scale tongue
And razor sharp teeth, grey in face and ebony black fur
She heard it murmer ‘mmmm fresh succulent meat, so luscious, must eat,’
Then she felt its teeth sink into her breast
And then move up to her neck
Now she screamed hoping to wake up
And this nightmare would suddenly end
But as she felt the pain and saw her blood flow
She knew it was reality
And as her life and her light faded
She realised this was the most spine tingling thing
She’d ever been experiencing and to think it happened at her climax’s peak.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Environmental vision


We need environmental protection

To stop the greedy corporations

From enacting destructive exploitation

We need to be the voice of nature

And stand up against the resource rapers

And we must do it now because there maybe no later

We are the guardians forged by the creator

To stop these ignorant and arrogant corporate destroyers

So let’s keep the skies beautiful and blue

The ground a lush and verdant green

And keep the seas pollution free

If not for us but for our children and their children

Let’s unite and build this beautiful vision

Of nature in its wondrous glory.

Cold winds


The cold wind blows in

The chill touches our bones

The cold wind forces

Us to bend in the face

Of its full freezing force

The chill is an icy one

Straight from the pole

Makes us wish for warmer days.

The snow clouds drift in

As the trees leaves are dropping

Leaving a bed of rustic browns and greens

Laying thick on the ground

And the cold wind whips them up

And gets them swirling around

Like dervishes going maniacle

Dancing and prancing with life

The cold wind can be a harsh mistress

That brings discontent and strife.

Loss of love


A fault line runs through our love

And we are riven wide apart

We both feel the cracks

That has appeared and has torn

Has left us hurt and wounded

And caused us both be forlorn

The loss of such love

And the deminishment of the passion

We can feel the tears

As they are flowing in reaction

To the pain of losing something

That used to feel so good.