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So sweet, you are


You, the favourite fruit on my tree

You, the succulent one that tempts me

You, dripping juice like the sweet thing

I see you on my tree dangling deliciously

I see you ripening delightfully

I want to savour you and sate my thirsty need.

Not your puppet


I am not your puppet

You can’t control me

I am not you little plaything

I am not you toy to keep you amused

I won’t suffer this abuse

You can’t restrict my freedom

Because its something I won’t allow

Don’t sit there telling me just how

I should live my life

Governed by your rules

I am not you obedient tool

Don’t tell me you love me

Don’t tell me these lies

You just seek ownership of me and I despise

Anyone who think nks that they can take my liberty

I have rights as well as dignity

So go and find another who will supplicate to you

And live by your controlling rules

And if that makes you happy

Then good luck to you

But you are not that special

And I am not that bigger fool.

I don’t wanna hate you


I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna fight you

I just wanna get along with you

I don’t care about your colour

I don’t care about your beliefs

I will not disrespect you

Just give me the same courtesy

I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna fight you

I just wanna get along with you

I don’t care about your gender or your sexuality

I will not disrespect you

Just give me the same courtesy

I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna fight you

I just wanna get along with you

I don’t care about your class

I don’t care about your politics

I don’t care the decisions you are choosing

I will not disrespect you

Just give me the same courtesy

I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna fight you

I just wanna get along with you

I love all humanity in truth

I love everyone and that includes you.

A life missing love


I live in a loveless life

Where I try to shine a light,

I offer much love out

And get so little back,

I feel so out of wack

It hurts when love you lack

I lived in harsh world

Where people act touch

Think loved equals weakness

But they are out if touch

My heart is so full to burst

So full of passion

And love it hurts

So offer me what you got

And ease and heal my hurt.

Twelve year window


A twelve year window

To things around

To stop polluting the air

And the sea and ground

Where we plant our seeds

And grow our crops

Cutting down trees has to stop

Ravaging our earth in the race fof profit

Exploiting carelessly the natural resources

It must be our mission to stop this

We have to learn to live within our means

Stop multiplying like a contagious disease

It’s time for green and environmental policies

And put ecology much higher on the agenda than greed

And plant a rebellious seed

Of a new world order

Where we care for the we orld and clean up the the sir the soil as nd seas

And give our children a future where they can believe

That all fears of extinction have disappeared

So they too can live a life better environmentally.

My love for you


My love blooms so bright for you

Your colours are so beautiful

I want to paint our love with a brush

Using the most masterful touch

Manifesting tenderness

Illuminating your gracefulness

You are so special with a golden heart

It anguishes me we are so far apart

I dream of being close to you

Letting our love flow as we want it too

Shining bright in beauty and truth

I just want to be close to you

Watch as you smile and feel the warmth you ooze

I want to just be holding you

Because baby I really do love you.

Life we live


Who are we

Are we true

Are we real

Tell me what it is you feel

Are you the person you wish to be

Or are you a creation of society

Moulded by what you’ve been told to be

Shaped and always mimicking others ideals

Negating all your hopes and dreams to fit in

Hiding you talent and light believing

What others surely have in store is really worth waiting for

Only to get old and see what’s real

A life on mundanity has been sealed

Fodder for the workhouse

Working lonv hours in shops

Those who control get the cream as you live off the slops

Did you really think they would put you first

Tell me now how much it hurts

You let them clip your wings

When you should have been flying high

Spreading your wings like an eagle in full flight

Gliding, Swooping, free feeling the great delight

Of which we should all seek to aspire

Setting your whole life on fire

Instead you allowed them to simply tie you down

Grounded and gagged from making a sound

That could inspire so many that may hear your words

Who are we

Are we true

Are we real

Tell me what it is you feel

Living imprisoned

Or living life wild and free.

Actors and authors


We play out roles without thinking

Oblivious to the truth that the story is one that we are creating

And then we cry this is not the life we chose

We inflict upon ourselves way too much suffering

We write the stories of our days

So hard to understand why we treat ourselves this way

Hard to grasp why it is we choose

To make so many obstacles to jump through

When if we open up our eyes and mind

The ultimately we will find

Happiness and enjoyment

And different ways to live

One where we feel loved

And where we learn to forgive

Ourselves for not being perfect but understanding we’re all flawed

Where we find ways to open up new doors

We can write new stories where we learn and grow

Just trust in me and step into the unknown

And you will see and hear its truth I speak

And that everything is right there within your reach.

Mandem thing


That boy don’t know any different

Lives like a rude boy and thinks he’s significant

Don’t disrespect him

He’s a member of a dangerous crew

Show him any disrespect he will shank you

Rude boy he ain’t scared to

Do anything his crew tell him to do

Because they say they’re his fam

They give him a gun

Bang bang

Another member of another crew dying

Bleeding on street lying

Going cold as his life ebbs away

To rude boy it’s just a game

Until one day

When he got some of the same

Motorbike pulls up

Bang bang

Another life has turned to dust

Just another life wasted

Because of society

Another life wasted

Because of money drugs and things

Driven by poverty

It’s the only escape they can see

Because they are rude boy gangstas

They don’t see the wrong in it

Because these rude boy gangstas

Have only ever known this

Young men dying

Stabbed or shot to death on the street

These rude boy gangstas

Will rob you for what’s on your feet

It’s a game to them

But don’t go disrespecting them

Or next time you’ll see them

Bang bang

You will wind up dead

Killed by the mandem

It what you get if you come across them

Bad man, waste man

It’s a mandem thing.

Love yourself first


Do you love yourself?

If not take yourself outside

And have a good with yourself

Because only when you love yourself

Can you expect anyone else to love you

Those who choose not to love themselves resonates that

So don’t receive it

Those who do get it in return in abundance.