Summer fades to winter days


I feel the chill in the air as summer starts to fade away

I see farmers harvesting their old crop to hay

Golden bales sit in fields waiting to be taken away

And meanwhile the sun starts setting

Creating pastels in the sky of oranges and purples

And of hues of pinks and blues

Like a cadenza of colour and a symphony of shades

It’s like the sky is on fire and looks ablaze

As farmers watch the sky to check what comes the next day

Red sky at night is their delight

But in the morning it sends shivers of warnings

I feel the summers ending I sense winter is dawning

Then a flock of geese in formation like a squadron cross the sky

Heading off in noisy ensembles heading to warmer climbs

I too seek warmth within the comfort of my mind

But I am still dumbstruck by the view within my eye

As I sit and watch this picturesque masterpiece

Being created by natures elegance and grace

I let myself just be carried and floated away

While on these big round bales of hey

And as I do summer fades into winter shades.

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