Exasperation over the devastation of our earth


My exasperation

Over the devastation

Of our environment

Is an affront against creation

If we look around

And bear witness too

The insane policies

Governments approved

Then we should ask ourselves

Did we do enough

Did we make our voices heard

Or did we just remain mute

While they polluted our seas with plastic

Polluted our air with Pesticides

They cut down rainforest trees

In the amazon and Indonesia freely

And they are responsible for killing bees

And reducing the amount of fish in the seas

And we stood by and let them frack

What the the hell are we thinking, when will we react

How much is too much for you

While you wait until the earth’s on its knees

Will you wait until its all to late

Will that material life you decided to create save you?

Will consumerism see you through

I doubt it very much

So it’s time to show the earth some love

It’s time too stand up and make a fuss

It’s time to give back

After a lifetime of taking and exploiting

The resources of our planet

Depleting our environment

It’s crucial to raise our voices loud

It’s vital too bring about a change right now.

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