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I’d like to take this opportuninty

To thank every single person

Who follows my blog.

It is amazing and I am overwhelmed

As well as being full of gratitude and appreciation.

May everybody on wordpress have a magnificently spirtual

And prosperous new year.

Love, light and peace to all.

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I saw the signs


I heard your cry for help

And you had become so messed up,

Lost in drink and pills

In a hope that it would help you cope

And numb the pain

And stop the hurting

And make everything going on in head fade,

I saw the signs,

I heard your cries,

I tried hard but what could I do?

I could not be there every second,

Of the day with you,

And in a moment after we had been laughing

And having what seemed fun,

I went out and when I came back home

The demons in your head were done

And you were gone.

I saw the signs,

I heard your cries

And in spite of everything,

I could not save you from yourself

Or the demons deep inside your mind

And in a moment and in no time

You departed life,

Despite the fact I saw the signs

And I heard your cries.



The silence is now palpable

In this house, which was once a home,

One more setting at the table

Is a sign that you’re no longer here,

The silence now is deafening

It leaves a ringing in my ears,

I feel sitting in this candle light

The worsening of my fears,

That things will never change from this

Now that you are no longer by here,

I am doomed to live this life now

Simply shedding tears,

Every other light has gone out

Save for this candles flickering flame,

Life seems so superfluous now

But I will try to live it the best I can in your name

But the silence is so hard ever since your light went out,

The silence is deafing and there is nothing left to shout about,

No laughter,

No conversation,

Just empty hollow nothingness,

Since you left, though not it was not your choice

I am left feeling bereft

In the silence of this house,

That was once a home,

One more setting at the table than I need

For there is no longer you and me

And this is a sad a lonely place to be,

Living with the silence

The silence that defines all things

And causes this ache within me.

The coming year


In the coming new year

Channel your spiritual strength

And allow your consciousness to manifest

At higher frequency like you are blessed

Sow seeds of love and oness

Create beauty and start radiating

A desire for fairness and equality

As you grow and start evolving and transcending

In every single way that you wish.

In a world away from ours


Angels and gypsies mill about

In another dimension in an ethereal town,

Trading bliss for goods and chattle

A world away from concrete and metal,

Instead they live in a paradise scene

A total green environmental dream,

Travelling in caravans along spice and silk trails,

Where beauty and tolerance prevails

In a land of trees, vallies and vales

Making life for them a better place

Where human being suffer because they failed.

You worry me


You scare me with your ups and downs

Your mood swings means your quiet and loud

Both to me are so menacing I can’t help but frown.

You worry me and how you are

Over excited and larger than large

But then unexpectedly I see you head in hands I hear you weep

And questioning your very existence

That worrys me, I see you bleed

Outwardly emotionally

And it truly worries me.

New year, new opportunities


Let’s make the upcoming year

A year of happiness without too many tears

Let’s face it with hope and intent

And cast aside hate and dispondance

Let’s go into it loving and respecting ourselves

Instead of hoping to receive that from anybody else

Let’s shine our light and glorify our auras

Cleansed in spirit and opening new doors

That raise our frequencies and energies

And installs within us self belief

That disolves all past and griefs

And sends us spiralling into the new year with positivity

Smiling, laugh, sharing, caring and being happy

Doing our best environmentally and also for humanity

Let’s grow, develop and evolve

Into flawed but amazing sentient beings.